Easy Lego Birthday Party

Birthday 15
My daughter turned 7 years old and for her party she wanted a LEGO Party. She loves Legos right now and she figured the boys would want to come to a LEGO party! While I was getting things ready for the party, I realized it is very hard to find lego themed items! I was so frustrated! So I decided to to just make my own party and it turned out so cute!

Birthday 2

The first game they played was LEGO Bingo. It was so easy to make! I just made some yellow rounded squares and drew some faces on each one for the bingo. I then made the same faces but much larger so I could pull them out of a bowl so they knew which face I had picked. They Loved It!!
I used a Cricut Explorer to made all the squares are the lettering. (I am in love with that machine!)Birthday 6

Next we played DOUBLES.
I played this game when we I was little and it was always my favorite! Here is how you play:

Birthday 11

1. For preparation, wrap a lot of mini candy bars. Don’t use too much tape and they don’t have to look pretty. I used red wrapping paper to match the LEGO themed party.

2. Fill a large trash bag with shredded paper and throw in all of your candy bars. (Most will fall to the bottom, but it is hard to find them with the paper in the way)

3. Get 2 dice and a pie tin, or bread pan. You just want them to be able to throw the dice somewhere.

4. Have all the kids sit in a circle with the grocery bag full of candy and paper in the middle.

5. Have the kids take the pan and roll the dice (just once). After they roll them, they need to pass it to the person next to them. If they roll a DOUBLES on their turn they yell “DOUBLES” and run to the center of the circle to the bag.

6. They then have to dig through the bag as fast as they can and find a candy. As soon as they find one, they start unwrapping it. Once it is completely unwrapped they toss the candy (or toy) in their seat and dig for another one.

7. While they are digging, the dice is still going around the circle. As soon as someone gets a “DOUBLES” the person in the middle has to sit down and the person who got the doubles gets to be in the middle and dig. If they are half way through wrapping, I let my kids sit down and finish unwrapping it. When we played this when we were older we had to throw the candy back in if it wasn’t unwrapped all the way.  Play until all the candy is gone. (When playing with small kids, I had some extra candy set aside in case some didn’t get any or only got a few.)

(Older kids and adults also love this game! To make it harder, make the person in the middle put on large winter gloves. Unwrapping with gloves is a lot harder than you think! You can also tape the candy more to make it more hard.)

Birthday 12

The next thing I made was a LEGO Pinata.
I found a tutorial on pinterest on how they made it out of a diaper box so I thought I would give it a try!

Birthday 16

Here is how I did it:
1. Find a box that is in a rectangle shape. I had to shorten the edges a bit so it looked more like a lego.
2. If using a box, make sure you secure the top with a lot of tape. The candy gets heavy and if you secure it, your string won’t rip through.
3. Cut about 1 inch off of the bottom of a plastic cup. Measure them on your box to make sure they look okay and are pretty even.
4. Next cut the crepe paper a long the edge about 1 inch up. You want it to have a frilly look.
5. After you have cut a lot of frilly strips, you can start! Start from the bottom and work your way up. Slowly glue it on with Elmers Glue.
6. After the first layer layer, add another piece right above it by putting glue on the box above the bottom piece.  Keep gluing and adding crepe paper until you have finished!
7. I then put crepe paper on the cut cups, It wasn’t the prettiest job, but it got it done! I used a lot of glue and let it dry for awhile.
8.  I then glued on the circles with Elmers Glue. I put on A LOT of glue all around the edges and let it dry overnight. It worked great! You could also attach them with hot glue gun.
9. Once it is dry,  you can add your sting to hang it to a stick or tree!

Using a diaper box was a little difficult for little kids to break through. Each kid got to hit it twice and them my husband took a whack at it and it opened. If you are doing this for little kids, I would suggest using a less sturdy box than a diaper box. Unless of course you want them all to hit it… then it worked GREAT! Ha ha!


I also ordered some candy LEGOS which were a huge hit! We ordered a 2 pound bag and we had enough for the candy for the bingo game and to go on top of the cupcakes! I bought them online from Amazon. You can find theme HERE. The best thing about them, is that you can actually build with them! As the kids waited for their parents they each made a little tower with their LEGO candies.

I made her invite by using PicMonkey.com. I found the pictures on the internet then just added my info. Then I took them to the nearest photo center and printed them all for $1.90!

Birthday 10

That was it! Easy, Cheap and she LOVED it!
I would love to hear about your LEGO themed parties!

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