20 Dinner Recipes for Picky Eaters

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I have three, little picky eaters at my house which can make dinnertime a battle!  I am always looking for recipes that they will eat without complaining, and these recipes did the trick!

Here are 20 recipes your picky eater might actually eat:

quick & easy calzonesQuick and Easy Calzones

Easy Homemade Lasagna from SixSistersStuff.comEasy Homemade Lasagna

Ham and Cheese Crescent RecipesHam and Cheese Crescents

MiniTexas PizzaMini Texas Toast Pizzas

Pizza Skillet Pasta on SixSistersStuffPizza Skillet Pasta

Broccoli Mac n' Cheese from SixSistersStuff.comBroccoli Mac n’ Cheese

Cowboy Casserole on SixSistersStuff.comCowboy Casserole

Mini-Pizza-Bagels-from-Six-Sisters-StuffMini Pizza Bagels

Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Rice on SixSistersStuff.comSlow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Rice

5 Ingredient Chicken Enchiladas on SixSistersStuff.com5 Ingredient Enchiladas

One-Pan Cheesy Chicken Alfredo on SixSistersStuffOne Pan Chicken Alfredo

cheesy ranch chickenEasy Cheesy Ranch Chicken

mexican-mac-n-cheeseMexican Mac n’ Cheese

parmesan+sesame+chicken+strips[1]Parmesan Sesame Chicken Strips

Simple Chicken Cordon Bleu PastaSimple Cordon Bleu Pasta

Honey-Lime-Chicken-Taquitos-Recipe.jpgBaked Honey Lime Chicken Taquitos

Mini+Corn+Dog+Muffins[1]Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese on SixSistersStuffSlow Cooker Mac n’ Cheese

Homemade-Chicken-NuggetsHomemade Chicken Nuggets

homemade-pizza-pockets-newHomemade Pizza Pockets 

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7 Responses to “20 Dinner Recipes for Picky Eaters”

  1. My boyfriend is so very picky,as in very very picky. Im having a very hard time cooking meal for him. He only eat chicken breast. I try some new menu for chicken breast but it turn out that he don’t like it at all. Sometimes he eat Basa fish. But most every dinner and lunch he eat’s chicken breast. I made chicken sandwich,he don’t like it. He don’t like to cook. He don’t want to help me while I’m cooking,even taste the food that I am cooking so how will i know that it is okay to him. And he wants everything over cooked.
    • sekazaba
      haha I am sorry for you. But I have 2 of them. My son and his wife. i live with them, my only job is cook dinner. One hates cheese, and any sauce, gravy, pork, and his wife hates ALL vegetables except 2 in raw form, carrots, cucumber. RAW. She also hates pork, and loves KD. thats all. Oh she loves my mashed potatoes. I am deeply offended daily, since I am a great cook. This is nuts.

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