Our New Book, Copycat Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff is Officially On Shelves!

From dining out, to dining in. Making memories with your family and enjoying your favorite RESTAURANT foods, with the new Six Sisters’ Book: Copycat Cooking

We have waited so long for this moment, and it’s finally here. Our new cookbook, Copycat Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff, has officially hit the shelves.

We wanted to answer all your questions about our new book, as well as share a little more about it, that you might not have known.

This book has copycat restaurant recipes, from all your favorite restaurants, including: Panera, Cheesecake Factory, In N’ Out, Kneaders, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Dairy Queen, and so many more.

We’ve got you covered from appetizers, to dessert with over 100 copycat recipes. You will never have to eat out again! You can cook all your favorite recipes, in the comfort of your own home.

saving money and calories

Going out to eat can be relaxing, but as soon as that bill comes at the end of the meal, it can get a little stressful. Eating out can add up, especially when you include the tip.

Eating out also has a lot of health risks that can come with it. Many restaurants used preservatives, extra sugar, and chemicals, to preserve their food.

As a parent, it can be worrisome when you don’t know what exactly you are eating, or what is going into your kid’s bodies. That is why we have created this cookbook.

We love the taste of delicious food, and experiencing new restaurants, but for big families it can add up, and it isn’t always the best for our health.

When you cook from home, you know exactly what you are feeding your kids, and saving a lot of money. It’s also a great way to bring the family together, cook delicious food together, and eat a delicious dinner as a family.

where can I find the book?

You can purchase our book, Copycat Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff, on Amazon, Deseret Book, Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Seagull Book, and other local book stores near you.

buy it now

Click here to buy the book now, and get it in TWO days!

Does it come in E-book form?

The answer is yes! It does come in e-book form. It is also cheaper to purchase the e-book than the paperback book. Click here, to purchase your, Copycat Cooking with Six Sisters’ Stuff, e-book.


how do i get my two free e-books with purchase of the new cookbook?

This deal isn’t going to last much longer, but if you purchase our new book, and email us your name and confirmation code, to: [email protected], you will receive our two most popular e-books.

That is THREE COOKBOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Again, this deal won’t last much longer, so don’t forget to purchase your books, and send an email to [email protected].

How do i leave a review on amazon?

We would be so appreciative, if you left us an Amazon review on our book. To do so, click here, and tell us what you thought of our new book. We would love to hear what you think.

Want to see the inside? Here’s a little sneak peak!


what is each sisters’ favorite recipe from the new book:

Camille loves the Corn Bread Muffins from Famous Dave’s BBQ. They are so easy to make and are the perfect side dish to any meal.

Kristen’s favorite recipe in the book is the Cheesecake Factory, Oreo Cheesecake. It takes about an hour to bake, but it is worth every minute. The Oreo cookie crust is out of this world.

Elyse and her family love making the Dole Plantation, Pineapple Dole Whip Floats. It tastes like Hawaii in a cup. We make these all year round.

Stephanie loves an ice cold Dirty Diet Coke from the Soda Shop. The splash of coconut with the hint of lime, mixed with an ice cold Diet Coke, hits the spot. The only thing missing is the pebble ice.

Lauren is constantly making the Chick Fil A Chicken nuggets with the Chick Fil A Sauce. It tastes identical. If you are a Chick Fil A fan, you need this recipe in your life.

Kendra and her husband eat the Winger’s Sticky Fingers once a week. They only require three simple ingredients and they can be made in about 25 minutes from start to finish.

Have fun with the book

We love making family date nights around the book. If we make Chinese food one night, we will eat with chopsticks and eat on pillows in the family room. It’s a great way to get your kids to try new things.

We also like to bake one of the desserts on Sunday’s and bring them to a neighbor. The kids will love to ring and run, and the good feeling they will have after doing a little service.

Make a crazy dinner. Let each member of the family choose their favorite recipe for dinner, and make them. It might be a wild dinner that consists of a copycat Wendy’s Frosty, and Disneyland Snickerdoodles.

But these are the memories kids will remember, and it’s fun to experience it with them.

We have also gotten a lot of responses about gifts. People love sharing this book as a wedding gift, or a going away college present. This book has so many date night recipes, for couples on a budget.

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    I left my review on Amazon but it appears as David B's wife. As a sister of 4, and mother of seven, I love this book! and your insta pot videos are really good, it is like being with one of my sisters! Am I still eligible? I have to tell you, I think an even better prize would be a year of your easy, healthy menus and shopping lists!

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