About Lauren

Lauren is a senior at Utah State University. She?s studying Family, Consumer, and Human Development, and absolutely loves it, as well as everything else that the wonderful college town of Logan Utah has to offer! She keeps herself busy as a University Ambassador, where she gets to share her love of Utah State with students all throughout Utah. (Yes, she is a True Aggie!) She loves meeting new people, going on fun adventures with her roommates, playing tennis, and working out. She also loves the Utah Jazz and one day hopes to have season tickets. She always keeps us laughing with her embarrassing moments, or awkward first date stories. After a long day of classes and giving campus tours, there is nothing Lauren loves more than a giant bowl of Lemon Custard Aggie Ice Cream.

Q & A

Lauren?s favorite DINNER recipe from the blog:

I?m a huge Café Rio fan, so I make the Café Rio Sweet Pork all the time!  I let it cook in the crockpot while I?m at school all day and by the time I get home it smells so good and tastes amazing! My roommates also enjoy when I make this because there is plenty of leftovers for them!

Lauren?s favorite DESSERT recipe from the blog:

I could seriously eat the Gooey Lemon Bars for every meal. That?s what I have every birthday instead of birthday cake, they are so delicious!

Random fact about Lauren:

I?m not a huge chocolate fan?I absolutely love salty or fruity things though! I?m not sure why, the chocolate stuff just has never tempted me like it has the rest of the family!

Lauren?s favorite memory with the sisters:

Last year we got to go to a Bloggers Conference in Las Vegas. We stayed up one night talking in the hotel until about 5 AM. It was the first time we had all been together without any husbands or kids around in years. It was so fun getting to just talk and catch up! Felt like we were kids again, we were laughing so hard reminiscing on old memories about our Mom and Dad and growing up. Seriously something I?m always going to remember!

Lauren?s favorite movie:

A Walk to Remember! Not only does it have the best soundtrack, but it?s the cutest love story, even if it does make me cry every time I watch it.

Lauren?s worst cooking experience:

So I really wanted to impress this boy who I thought was so cute. It was our first date and I decided to make him cookies to show him how ?domestic? I was. I barely even looked at the recipe because I wanted him to think I knew what I was doing. I was too embarrassed to taste the dough while he was watching me (usually hardly any dough makes it to the oven when I?m baking by myself!). It looked fine though so I figured they would come out okay. Well, we took the first batch out of the oven and they turned out horrible! They were flat and burnt and had all cooked together on the pan! They looked horrible and tasted even worse. My date didn’t eat one cookie. It was horrible! I bet you could guess it didn’t really work out with that boy haha!

Lauren?s favorite hobby:

Ever since I was little I have always wanted to go to cosmetology school, but since I cannot afford it yet, I love practicing on all my roommates and sisters. That might explain why in all of my pictures I have a different color of hair! Cutting, dying, styling, whatever it is, I think it is so fun!

A hobby Lauren always wished she had:

I always wished I was one of those people who loved running?I don?t mind a small jog, and I love working out, but running 10 miles on my Saturday morning has never appealed to me. My sisters who run always talk about how fun it is and I just wish I could experience the ?fun? part of running! I?ll just stick with my Jillian Michael’s DVD?s and my Cross Fit!

An object Lauren couldn?t live without:

Lotion, I absolutely hate it when my skin is dry. I put it on all day long!

Lauren?s favorite family tradition:

So I didn?t even realize this was a family tradition until I was looking at old family photos, but for some reason at every holiday and family get together, we have a piñata. Our family loves treats (as you can probably tell) and we are all very competitive thanks to our dad. So fighting over candy seems to be a must at every family party! Our mom is pretty creative too, so we?ve had piñatas from Nemo, to ice cream cones, to Elmo heads! Haha oh, how I love our family!

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