About Kristen

Kristen has been married to her amazing husband Ammon for 11 years now. They have 4 little girls, Addison, Ensley, Mailey, and Sarah. She has lived in 5 different states and has loved meeting all kinds of people and friends along the way. Kristen lives in the Dallas, Texas area right now. She loves to talk (she is a social butterfly) run marathons, play soccer (okay just watch soccer... her knees are too bad to play), read, travel and just be with her family. Her favorite thing to eat is store bought white cake with white buttercream frosting- especially if the frosting is thicker than the cake.

Q & A

Kristen?s favorite Six Sister?s Dinner:

There are so many choices! I would have to say my Mom’s Marinated chicken. It has always been my most favorite food! I also love the Ham and Pineapple Roll-ups. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Kristen?s favorite Six Sister?s Dessert:

Right now I am loving the Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars. I actually double the recipe so I can give them to neighbors… the truth is I usually end up eating half of the pan. I have NO control when it comes to anything with Peanut Butter.

Random fact about Kristen:

When we were in High School my Dad told us that he would give us $500 if we didn’t kiss anyone until we graduated. 500 dollars to a poor high school student was a lot of money. I was bound and determined to do it! It wasn’t easy, but I am proud to say I made it. (Bet you can’t guess which ones made it and which ones didn’t!)

Kristen?s favorite memory with the Sisters:

When we were little we were all very mischievous. Elyse (although the third oldest) was the ring leader. She would convince us to do crazy things. One day she had this idea to go bungee jumping. She tied me up at the top of the banister with a couple of strands of yarn. At the bottom where the tile was she laid bean bags just in case we needed them. I tied the string around my waist and jumped. Thank heavens for the bean bags! The string broke instantly and I jumped the 10 feet and landed on my bum. My bum was sore for a very long time. I remember Elyse cleaning up our mess rather quickly so our Mom wouldn’t find out.

I also love just doing anything with my sisters and parents. We can talk for hours and hours.

Kristen?s favorite movie:

I don’t really love chick flicks – I’m more of an action/adventure kind of gal, but I do love Ever After with Drew Barrymore. It has been my favorite for years!

Kristen?s worst cooking experience:

When my husband and I were first married, I liked to experiment. I knew he liked fish and crab so I decided to surprise him one night. I found some “Sea Food” in the frozen section at Wal-Mart and cooked it up. Next I threw in a little sauce and served it over rice. I didn’t realize how bad it stunk until I saw my husband’s face when he walked in the door.  After sitting down to eat he picked up a big piece of squid and told me he just can’t eat this. I tried a small bite and almost threw up. I Love fish… but this was just plain horrible.

Kristen?s favorite hobby:

I LOVE to run. I never really was a runner until I was married.  I ran my first 5K about 6 years ago and I thought I was going to die. As time went on I started to enjoy it.  I have now run a Marathon, 8 half marathons, and countless 5Ks. I love waking up early to go running before anyone else is awake. I am a happy person when I get my run in.

A hobby Kristen wished she had:

I really have a whole bucket list of things that I hope to accomplish one day. One thing I want to learn is how to make wedding cakes. That is my goal when things calm down.

Kristen?s most embarrassing moment:

With kids, I have an embarrassing moment whenever we are out in public. Right now my 3 year old always talks about how one day she is going to be a Mom. Which is so flattering until she starts talking about her belly. I had a baby a few months ago and still have a bit of weight to lose… but her favorite line right now is: “Look at my Tummy! It is getting so big just like my Mom’s!”

I wouldn’t mind so much if it were people that I knew… but she feels like she has to tell everyone she talks to. Such a funny girl!

An object Kristen couldn?t live without:

I love my floss! I always have one with me. I’m not talking about the cheap kind that gets stuck between your teeth. If you don’t like to floss, I’m telling you GLIDE (in the green container) will change your life.

Kristen?s favorite family tradition:

Growing up we would go to the drive-in movie theater every summer. I loved taking our van, putting all of the seats down, and watching a movie inside of it. I loved this tradition so much that my husband and I take our little girls each summer also.

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