About Kendra

Kendra is the youngest. She is a Senior at Utah State University and loving it! She is studying Communications and minoring in Public Relations. She loves spending time outdoors, running, cooking, being with her family, and being on the go! She loves living in Logan, UT and prides herself in being the favorite aunt... :)

Q & A

Kendra?s favorite Six Sisters? dinner:

I could eat the 5 Star Grilled Teriyaki Chicken for every meal! It is so yummy! Really anything on the grill is my favorite! I love a good bbq.

Kendra?s favorite Six Sisters? dessert:

I love the Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies. Probably because my two favorite foods are chocolate and cheesecake!

Random fact about Kendra:

My eyes change colors! Sometimes they are green and other times they are grey or a weird blue.

Kendra?s favorite memory with the Sisters:

Family Vacations. Growing up we went on some of the best vacations! They always had something go wrong with them, which is perfect for when we come home and play ?Vacation Pictionary? reliving some of our best vacation moments. We still laugh about the pouring rain as we walked to our hotel in California (yes walked, the shuttle dropped us off at the wrong hotel!), or when dragon flies invaded our picnic on the beach in Florida!

Kendra?s favorite movie:

I don’t care what chick flick it is, I like it. I love the cheesy romantic comedies. If I had to pick just one it would probably be How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I crack up every time.

Kendra?s worst cooking experience:

Let?s just say I put foil in the microwave… It didn’t end well.

Kendra?s favorite hobby:

Anything outdoors and active! I love all sports, both playing and watching them. However, I also enjoy watching movies and eating kettle corn. Really I enjoy any activity as long as there is good food 🙂

A hobby Kendra always wished she had:

I wish I could sew. I don’t think I can even sew on a button. I’ve never tried, but that’s because I don’t know how.

Kendra?s most embarrassing moment:

I peed my pants in fourth grade when my teacher yelled at me for cheating on a spelling test… haven’t cheated since haha!

An object Kendra couldn?t live without:

My Wet Hairbrush! That thing is magic. It combs through your hair like butter, even when you have nasty snarls. I definitely would recommend!

Kendra?s favorite family tradition:

We?ve been going to Park City, Utah every year since I can remember! I just love it up there! It’s so pretty and I love walking down Main Street. We always stop at the candy store and buy fudge, then eat it in our hotel. We love riding the alpine slide, and of course, we hit up the outlet stores and shop until our money is gone. Our dad in the meantime would usually golf, so everyone was happy!

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