About Camille

Camille is the oldest sister and is has been married to her husband for 12 years. Camille met her husband at Utah State University and they married a short 9 months after their first meeting. Camille graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, but decided that she really enjoyed working in retail and managing a business, so she never used her teaching degree to teach school (although she swears she uses her education everyday raising her children). After some struggles with infertility and miscarriage, she and her husband are the proud parents of 3 beautiful children. Camille loves being a stay-at-home mom. Her husband graduated with a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and currently practices in Farmington, UT (he also has a health and fitness blog) and together they launched Six Sisters' Strong, where you can find home workout programs and healthy eating plans for real people. Besides blogging, Camille also does social media consulting for many businesses and other bloggers and travels around the nation speaking at various conferences and events. She has learned so much about blogging through trial and error over the years and  she loves to help others figure out their best plan also. In her spare time, she loves to go to the gym, read, catch up on TV shows with her husband, and eat ice cream outside with her family on warm nights.

Q & A

Camille?s favorite DINNER recipe from the blog:

That is like asking me which child is my favorite! Each recipe holds a special place in my heart . . . ha ha! But if I had to choose, I would narrow it down to Mom’s Grilled 7Up Chicken or Slow Cooker Kalua Pork. I am all about recipes that are delicious with very few ingredients and those are two recipes that I fall back on time and time again. And when I need to feed guests, chances are that they will be eating one of those items.

Camille?s favorite DESSERT recipe from the blog:

If it has chocolate, then it’s a favorite. I think that it’s a toss-up between Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies (I may or may not have eaten a whole pan myself) or Snicker’s Cake. Both are divine.

Random fact about Camille:

I sleep with one ear plug in one ear. I know, I know. It’s weird. After I had my first baby, I discovered that I was an incredibly light sleeper and I woke up to every sound my baby made, even if she was in a different room. But I was afraid that if I slept with two ear plugs, I would sleep through everything. So, I compromised . . . and I sleep with one ear plug. Now 6 years later, I can’t fall asleep without an ear plug.

Camille?s favorite memory with the Sisters:

Seriously, any time we are all together, we have the best time. I don’t know if I have one specific memory . . . probably some of my best memories were made in my parents kitchen. We seemed to always gather there to talk and even today, we still are all drawn to the kitchen when we get together. There are a couple of times that stick out in my mind- such as Elyse’s mannequin head dance, our Christmas talent shows (I need to upload some of our home movies to our YouTube channel!), and laughing so hard that more than one sister has peed their pants. I won’t name names . . . but they know who they are!

Camille?s favorite movie:

13 Going On 30 . . . it has always been one of my favorites! Any chick flick, really. Those are the shows that I usually have to go see myself because my husband just isn’t into the sappy romance movies.

Camille?s worst cooking experience:

It actually just happened today . . . I was trying to broil my sandwich for dinner because I like it to be “lightly toasted”. But then I accidentally forgot about it and when I peaked in the oven, my sandwich was on fire. When I pulled the sandwich out, the flames were 12 inches tall. Or there was that one time I was making Jell-O and because of limited counter space, I set my glass Pyrex pan on the stove top. I forgot that I had turned the burner on that the pan was resting on, and suddenly there was a huge explosion . . . glass shards EVERYWHERE! My Jell-O pan had exploded.

Maybe I shouldn’t be in the kitchen?!

Camille?s favorite hobby:

I really do love to read. I wish that I had more time to read . . .

A hobby Camille wished she had:

I wish that I could stop time (so that I could read- see above comment). Ha ha!

Camille?s most embarrassing moment:

I have never had one.

Okay, okay, I’m lying.

One that ranks up there was at our big book signing this past spring. We had this book signing booked for weeks BEFORE our book had even come out and it had potential to be HUGE for us. And then, I got the stomach flu.

But I insisted on still going to the book signing. So, I would smile, sign a couple of books, then run into the employee’s backroom and puke my guts out. This cycle went on for about an hour and I realized that it wasn’t going to get any easier and I could have just died when the employees would come into the backroom and see me there . . . Not my best moment!

An object Camille couldn?t live without:

Chapstick. I really couldn’t survive without it. That, and my slow cooker. Heaven knows I would marry it if I could.

Camille's favorite family tradition:

After the LONG winter this past year, I told my husband that we will be starting a new family tradition of traveling to a warm exotic location every winter to get away from the cold. I have a feeling that will be my favorite tradition of all time.

My favorite tradition growing up was our family’s Crazy Dinner. I loved going to the store and picking anything I wanted to eat for dinner and mom didn’t say a word.  My choice was usually chocolate cake.

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