Kids Summer Craft DIY Hula Hoop

Every Monday night we get together as a family and do an activity. We wanted to do something fun and different and my husband gave me the idea to make homemade Hula Hoops. We went to the store and each girl got to pick out their own color of tape to color their hula hoop.

Basic materials you’ll need:

  • irrigation tubing
  • a PVC cutter or small saw
  • a connector (coupling)
  • rice or small beans to fill your hula hoop
  • colored electric tape
First, cut the hula hoops so they hit your child’s chest.
Insert your connector to one side of the hoop.
Fill your hoop wth rice or dry beans
Then decorate it with your decorative tape.
My girls played with these for hours after we made them!


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  1. Franson Funny Farm
    You can also make hula hoops for grownups. Use the 1 inch pvc irrigation pipe and measure about 160 inches. Use a coupler to join the ends (this is accomplished easiest when each end of the pipe is dipped in boiling water for about 30 seconds to soften the pipe) & decorate how you like. Makes a great exercise tool! I have not only lost weight when I use it consistently but it also helps my lower back pain immensely!
  2. I am a little confused too, by the cut to fit your child's chest thing. In the pic, if the little girl were holding hers up straight it would go way above her chest. And I was thinking, if I made one to fit up to my chest, it would be a huge unmanageable hoop. Does it matter the size? Don't hoola hoops come in one size? I feel clueless about this. Maybe I am making this too hard...? (I'm known to do that :-/)
    And, does it matter how much rice or beans we put in? Is it just for sound effects?
    THanks for any suggestions. I think this is such a cool thing to do with the kiddos. I have 2 girls of my own that would love this!!

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