Easy Hinge Bracelet Tutorial

Easy Hinge Bracelet Tutorial

It is summer! My daughters are obsessed with bracelets and dressing up so I thought we could make something fun! These Easy Hinge Bracelets turned out so cute and are very unique!



  • 1 inch hinges (I used 11 hinges)

  • Thin elastic cord (I used white)

  • Scissors

  • Spray paint


Bracelet 1

Spray paint your hinges on the front and let them dry. Turn them over and spray paint the back. Repeat the step so you will have 2 coats on each side.

Bracelet 2

Line up your hinges so that they overlap each other.

Bracelet 3

Cut a long piece of elastic. Insert the elastic through the two hinges holes from the back to the front. Thread the elastic through the top hole joining the two hinges.

bracelet 4

Cross the thread over hinges to get to another set of holes. Insert the elastic again starting from the back and going to the front.

Bracelet 5

Repeat the process by overlaying all hinges in the same order- This is the back side

When you are done, turn the entire bracelet over and tie a square knot on the inside of the bracelet.

Bracelet 6

Turn the bracelet back and you are done!

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