15 Ways to Pull Back Your Bangs

 I am so excited to introduce you today’s guest blogger:
Stephanie has actually been doing my hair for a couple of years and I am in love with her and her work! Not only does she do a fantastic job on hair, but she also does incredible make-up. Her blog is full of great tips and ideas, even for busy moms who don’t like to spend much time getting ready (like me!). Stephanie also does hair for many brides and fashion shoots . . . you should really head over and check out her portfolio to see some of her amazing work!
Today Steph is going to be sharing with us  
15 Ways To Pull Back Your Bangs.
Take it away, Steph!
We all have those days when our bangs drive us crazy!  Sometimes we blow dry them wrong, sometimes we don’t have time to wash and style them, and sometimes they are even cut a little too short.  Here are fifteen different ways to pin back your bangs for those days when they aren’t cooperating.
If you need extra help with braiding, check out my post on braids.
1. French Braid Bangs Back
2. Side Swept
3. Side Swept Braid
4. Pinned Flat
5. Headband
6. Rope Braid
7. Braid
8. Pompadour
9. Mini Pompadour
10. Side Pompadour
11. Mini Side Pompadour
12. One-Sided Braid
13. Braid Down The Side
14. Twist Down The Side
Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a fish tail braid? Well, check out her video tutorial here:

Steph also shares how to get those fabulous Victoria Secret curls we all are envious of:
Thank you so much, Steph!
15 Ways To Pull Back Your Bangs on SixSistersStuff


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  1. I don't know if you read these comments, but I am SO thankful for hair tutorials without excess talking. When you watch a lot of hair tutes, you get really tired of waiting for the girl to get around to the point--the hairstyle is the point. They'll talk about their day, their likes and dislikes, their thoughts, or nothing at all just jabber. But it makes for long and frustrating videos where you're trying to guess where to skip to in order to get on with the hair tute. So, THANK YOU! Your tutorial was perfect with printed words and non-offensive music. I was able to skip back and forth to my little heart's content, and more importantly I wasn't annoyed the whole time. Keep it up!
  2. Fantastic ideas! I feel the same way, there are times wherein you just want to get those bangs out of the way. It's good to know there are plenty of styling options. If your readers would like additional resource of hairstyle tutorials, tips, and other related info, please do visit our blog: http://www.myhaircare.com.au/blog

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