14 Days of Valentine’s!

 The links to this post were lost when we switched our site over to Word Press.  We have left this post so you can still get fun ideas. 
 I love holidays!  I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate, so when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we go all out. I thought this was a festive to get my husband in the Valentine’s Day mood {plus it gives him a reminder everyday to be sure to get something for his lovely wife}.

I came up with these little gifts to celebrate the “14 Days of Valentine’s!”

You could give these gifts in any order.  All of the printables I used are in a PDF at the end of the post that you can print off.  There is also a set of blank printables in case you want to come up with your own!
 You are the apple of my eye!
You could also use apple juice, candy apple rings or actual apples.
 Honey, comb your hair, because we’ve got a date tonight!
February 2nd is my husband’s birthday so I thought this would be a good idea to do on this day.  You could also save this one until Valentine’s Day and go on a date that evening.
If you’re not into cereal you could just use a regular comb.
 You are one hot tamale!
You could also use Red Hots or any other cinnamon candy.
 I’m nuts about you!
You could use any type of nuts, a Nutrageous candy bar, or Nutter Butter cookies.
 I wouldn’t chews anyone but you!
 You could also use Starburst fruit chews, Charleston Chews, or Chewy granola bars.
I think you are sodamazing!
You could also use Soda Candies or Soda Crackers.
 We were mint to be together!
 You could also use York Peppermint Patties, Butter Mints, or a mint flavored dessert.
 We make a great combo!
These were my husbands favorite growing up so I just had to use them!  They are found right by the checkout.
You could also use a combination flavored pizza or PB&J combo jars.
 Thanks for sticking by my side!
We lose chapstick as soon as we get it around here so this works well for us.
You could also use Chic-O-Sticks, Orange or Raspberry Sticks or super glue (or anything else sticky for that matter).
 I’m bananas for you!
You could also use real bananas or banana flavored candy.

You have ofishally stolen my heart!

You could also use gold fish crackers.
 I would be so mixed up without you!
You could use any flavor of Chex Mix, trail mix or other snack mix.
 Life would be unbearable without you!
You could also use a honey bear or Klondike Bars with the bear on the front (just be sure to keep them in the freezer).
You make my heart bubble over!
You could use any type of carbonated beverage, Bubble Tape, or Bubble Yum.

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas! My boyfriend and I weren't able to be together for Valentines Day, so we're doing a "make up" day on Friday. We're SUPER cheesy, so these ideas are PERFECT. I think I'm going to hide them all over my house and make him go on a scavenger hunt to find each!
  2. This is great, so easy and so cute! I made the gummy bear one for some of my friends for Valentine's Day, and posted about it on my blog (oliviarinock.blogspot.com) if you want to see how it went. Thanks for this awesome gift idea, and wonderful blog as well!
  3. Tami King
    I love this idea, and I'm so grateful you've pre-done all this so we can just join in on the fun! Unfortunately, when I click on either of the links I get a page full of garbled text. Is there some other way you can send the files to me? Kind thanks, Tami King
  4. Hey Elyse! This is so adorable and I am really excited to use it starting here in just a few days! But I was just wondering, I can not find any link to the printables, anywhere. Do you happen to have it that you could send to me? Or am I just not as smart as I need to be to find it! :) Let me know, thanks! I absolutely love this!

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