100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men!

While I was writing this post I got so excited for Christmas that I went and bought everything for my husband’s stocking! I hope you are able to get some ideas for the special man in your life! And please feel free to comment at the bottom with any more stocking stuffer ideas you have! We would love to hear from you!
4. A New Wallet with a picture of you and him in it
5. Beanie – My husband Loves North Face
9. His Favorite Candy Bar
10. Protein Bar
11. Trail Mix
12. A Tie
13. Undies/Boxers/Briefs
14. Mints or Mint Lifesavers
16. Small Cologne
17. Phone Case
18. Car Air Fresheners
19. Personalized Deck of Cards
20. Nail or Toe Nail Clippers
21. Golf Balls and Tees
23. Awesome Cuff links – (you won’t believe what we found)
25. A $5 Movie (You can find an awesome list HERE)
26. $5 Fast Food Gift Card that he could use on his lunch break
Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1 Blaster
27. Mini Nerf Gun (or guns… my husband loved having “war” with my girls last year)
28. His Favorite Gum
29. Car Decals
30. His favorite kind of chap stick
31. A Manly Magazine – My husband loves Running Magazines
32. Pivital Power Strip – This thing is pretty awesome!
33. A New Razor or Shaving Gel
34. Tweezers
36. USB Stick (They have really fun ones at Staples)
37. Toothbrush
38. Bullets and Hunting Items
39. Cheeze Whiz and Crackers
40. Puzzle Books (sudoku, or crosswords)
41. Phone or Car Chargers
42. Duct Tape
43. Rolled Up Pajama Pants
44. Movie Tickets
45. Back Scratch-er
47. Shoe Laces
48. Travel Sized Game
50. Beef Jerky
51. Small Snack packs (like Nutella)
52. An Energy Drink (my husband loves Propel)
53. Mini Measuring Tape (also found a great deal at Harbor Freight)
54. Favorite Nuts like Pistachios! Yum!
Product Details
56. Hot Cocoa Packets
57. Grilling Spatula
58. Fun Video Game
59. His Favorite Sport Game Tickets
60. Christmas Cards written from your kids/grand-kids
61. Hunting/Fishing Knife
Personalized Pen Set - Engraved Rosewood Executive Monogram - 7931
63. Sticky Notes
64. IPod and Ipod armband
65. Electric Toothbrush
66. Tic Tacs
67. Nice Sunglasses
68. A rolled up T-Shirt – or make your own bleached T-shirt
69. Mini Remote Control Car
70. Ink Cartridges
71. Tools Tools Tools – My husband loves getting a new tool every year
72. Fun Pez Dispenser
73. Fun Mug – You can get them personalized
74. Homemade Coupons for chores or even their favorite homemade meal or treat
75. Batteries
76. Updated Family Picture for his wallet or for is desk at work
77. A BBQ Lighter
78. Hex Bugs
79. Make a Rice Heat Pad – Click Here for a great Tutorial
80. Tide Stick
81. Car Wash Tokens
82. Make a CD of all the songs that were popular when you were dating
83. Play or Concert Tickets
84. Matchbox Cars!
85. His Favorite Kind of Drink
86. Favorite Sports Baseball Cap – You can find any basketball team here (GO JAZZ!)
87. Comic Books rolled up
88. Massage oil or other Bedroom Goodies
89. Marshmallow Shooters
90. Mini Massager
91. Wool Socks or Sports Socks
92. An Orange (or other fruit) for the Toe of the stocking
93. A manly store gift card like Lowes or Home Depot
94. Car Window Scraper
Sony 4-Device Universal Remote
95. Universal Remote Control…. 1 remote is way better than 4! You can find them at Walmart, Best Buy and many other places. This one is from Walmart.
96. Slipper Socks – Your man’s feet get cold too!
97. Teeth Whitener Kit
98. Mini Cereal Box
99. Pocket Size Tire Air Gauge find it here and you can find it at Harbor Freight Tools
100. A Love Letter from you!

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31 Responses to “100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men!”

  1. What a great list.
    And I have to give a huge thumbs up to the Nerf gun... it really turns into a great way to entertain the kids. We have the suction cup tipped darts, so my boyfriend shoots them at the patio door just high enough to make our 3 year old jump to get them down. They will play that game for over an hour! Toddlers are great dart retrievers :)
  2. Anna Edwards
    The North Face beanie is definitely a winner. I get my husband a new one every year. If your guy like to eat out, check out the book 365 Guide New York City. It's full of restaurant discounts. We use it for date night. http://www.365guidenyc.com/
  3. You ladies are awesome!!! We have a son that's in his first year away at college and we didn't know what to put in his stocking besides money. Thanks to you all we have tons of nice little trinkets that we will place inside that he will actually appreciate!!!

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