10 Back to School Shopping Hacks

Where did summer go?!!  Back to school shopping ads are popping up all over! Summer beach bags are giving way to school backpacks!  Between new school clothes, backpacks, and school supplies, the cost can really add up.  We have come up with some great secrets to start out the school year on top and save you a little money too!

1. Stock up on school supplies during the right time of year.
Be watching for tablets and tech gadgets to go on sale during August.  School supplies often start going on sale during the summer months.  Be sure to buy what you will need to last for the entire school year while the prices are low.

school supplies

2. Take Inventory of what you already have.
Go through your kids’ closet and take inventory of what they have grown out of, and what is too worn out to wear anymore.  Then decide what you need to buy to replace those old items.  Be sure to give away the clothes that don’t fit to Goodwill.
clothes closet
3. Take advantage of online shopping.
You can find a lot of discount codes to major stores.  Coupon apps like RetailMeNot.com list the deals that stores currently offer – all through the convenience of your phone.  It’s an easy way to shop and save money.

4. Buy a little at a time and wait for the right price.
Many retailers will rotate through deals every week.  Maximize savings by shopping for sale items.  If it’s not on sale, wait a week or two and it is likely to go on sale.

5. Tax Free Weekend
Currently 19 states offer a tax free weekend for back to school supplies. It is a great time to shop that allows you to save even more money.  You can use coupons that will apply to your purchases as well to save even more!  You will need to read about the rules that apply to this program in each individual state.  The states currently offering the tax free weekend are:  Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia.

Tax Free Weekend

6. Comparison Shopping
Comparison shopping is so easy now because you can go the the store website and see all the sales and promotions they have going on. That way you can get the best deal you want and know right where to shop. Take advantage of looking at the store promotions and sales!  Big savings there!

7. Sign up for store emails or “like” stores on Facebook.
Go to the store website and see if they have an email you can sign up and be a part of.  Also, most stores are on facebook and once you like them and follow them you will be notified when items you need go on sale and when clearance items are added.  It’s great to become friendly with the store website, it can really pay off.

8. Stock up on clearance sales and off season sales.
You may not be able to get away with this on your teenagers.  But this is a great way to shop for your younger aged children.  Enjoy it while you can.  Summer clothing starts to go on sale in early July.  You can try to guess the growth of your child and buy for the next year.  You can also find great items that they can wear through the fall at a discounted price.  Right after Christmas, all of the winter clothes will be going on sale.  That is another time to stock up on clearance sales.

9. Price Matching
We love price matching on Black Friday and at Christmas time.  But stores are starting to do it with back to school shopping because they want your business.  Either bring your ad with you from the newspaper when shopping or be sure you have it on your phone or electronic device.   We have saved so much money with price matching.

10. Involve your child with the school budget allotment.
Set a budget and discuss it with your child.  Be sure he or she is aware of the amount allotted to them. It’s a great way to incorporate budgeting lessons into your shopping trips.  If your older children wants something that is more than you are willing to pay, let them make up the difference. It’s good for them and that little bit of ownership may help them take good care of their belongings.

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