15 Hard Boil Egg Recipe Ideas

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With all these left over Easter eggs, you gotta get creative with your recipes! You will love these delicious hard boiled eggs recipes! :) Avocado Deviled Eggs Mom's Easy Potato Salad Side Dish Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe Classic Egg Salad Recipe Asparagus Egg and Bacon Salad Deviled Egg Dip Veggie and Hard Boiled Egg Pasta Salad Healthy [...]

Citrus Glazed Ham

Citrus Glazed Ham on SixSistersStuff

Happy Easter! Our Easter dinner would not be complete without a big ham. The ham usually leaves us with a ton of leftovers, which I love using in lots of other leftovers in the upcoming weeks. So, while ham is really inexpensive and on sale this time of year, grab one and bake it up! Eat what you can for dinner, then portion out 1 pound portions, place in [...]

Easy Easter Sugar Cookies (3 Different Ways)

Easy Easter Sugar Cookies on SixSistersStuff

Last week, I was on a local lifestyle TV show and shared 3 easy ways to decorate a sugar cookie for Easter. My kids love helping me in the kitchen, so I wanted to make some simple sugar cookies that they could help me with and this is what we came up with! The possibilities really are endless! For picture instructions on how to decorate the cookies, [...]

Lemon Fluff Dessert

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Looking for a new light spring recipe? This Lemon Fluff Dessert is cheap and so easy to make. It is also one of my new favorite desserts! Perfect for Easter, or just to treat yourself :) Print Lemon Fluff Dessert Author: Six Sisters Stuff Prep time:  40 mins Total time:  40 mins Serves: 20   Ingredients Crust: [...]

Brown Sugar Glazed Ham Recipe

Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

Our grandma makes some of the most amazing ham of all time.  We seriously live for her ham and ham gravy!  It is amazing.  I haven't buttered her up enough to get her recipe to share with you, but this one is a close second!  The glaze is so delicious and makes the ham have a delicious, crispy skin and juicy inside! Print Brown Sugar Glazed Ham [...]

Avocado Deviled Eggs


My favorite tradition around this time of year is coloring Easter eggs! Every year our mom would boil a few dozen eggs for the whole family to decorate. We would write on the eggs with white crayons and dye them til our fingers were stained. We always had such a hard time eating all of the eggs afterwards so we had to get creative! One of my favorite ways to [...]

Bunny Bottom Cookies Recipe

Bunny Bottom Cookies

We are so excited for spring and we love celebrating Easter with our family!  We made these cute Bunny Bottom cookies using our soft sugar cookie recipe with butter cream frosting.  No special cookie cutter needed.  We just used a round glass and an oval lid we found in the house!  Your kids will love these adorable Bunny Bottom cookies! Print Bunny [...]

White Chocolate Carrot Cheesecake Bars

White Chocolate Carrot Cheesecake Bars

  Spring is finally here! We are loving this warm weather, and celebrating the fun spring holidays and birthdays! Our favorite part about celebrating the holidays, are the family parties. These White Chocolate Carrot Cheesecake Bars will definitely be making an entrance at our Easter dinner this year. These bars are easier to make than it seems. They are [...]

Cadbury Egg Croissants


My favorite thing about this time of year, aside from the warmer weather of course, is the delicious Easter candy you can find on almost every aisle at the grocery store. I saw these Croissants on Pinterest and knew I had to try them with my favorite Cadbury Eggs! I have now found my favorite breakfast food, dessert, and Easter treat! Seriously to die [...]

Wood Easter Bunny Sign


I can't believe Easter is just a few weeks away!  My boys are pretty excited that the Easter bunny will be here, so I thought a cute bunny craft was only appropriate! Here is how to make this cute plaque for Easter: Supplies: Wood slat sign Bunny overlay Chevron vinyl White acrylic paint Coral acrylic paint Scrapbook paper Scissors Mod [...]

Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Glazed Ham Recipe


I always loved Sunday dinners growing up.  Our mom usually had something slow cooking while we were at church, so we would come home to the aroma of delicious food!  This glazed ham makes a wonderful dinner any day of the week because it is so simple and delicious! Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Glazed Ham Recipe: (Makes 10-12 servings) Ingredients: 1 [...]

Frosted Carrot Cake Cookies Recipe

Carrot Cake Cookies Recipe

    Happy Easter! I hope that you are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Today we are getting together with all the sisters and their families for family dinner and an Easter egg hunt. It will be anything but relaxing, but that's how we roll. :) We only have a couple more weeks of being together because Kristen and her family will soon [...]

Applesauce Pork Tenderloin Recipe


This recipe is so easy to make, but tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen.   This pork loin is so moist and flavorful that all your dinner guests will want seconds! Applesauce Pork Tenderloin Recipe: (Makes 6 servings) Ingredients: 1 (2 pound) pork tenderloin ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon black pepper 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil 1 cup [...]

Eggs-cellent Easter Savings Recipes and Grocery List


Every year for Easter, we would go to our Grandma's house. She would make a big, juicy ham, all the trimmings and there was always an AMAZING dessert to go along with it! She prepared food for our whole family, all of my aunts and uncles, and all of our cousins. After dinner, there was always an Easter egg hunt. I remember going home every year with a bag [...]

25 Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs


  Easter will be here before you know it! One of my favorite Easter traditions is dying eggs with my kids. I've been seeing all kinds of ways to dye Easter Eggs and I started researching. There are so many fun ways to Dye Eggs, just thought I would share what I found! How to Dye Easter Eggs Blackboard Eggs Drizzled Easter Eggs Washi Tape [...]

How to Dye Easter Eggs With Food Coloring


  My girls have been begging me to dye Easter Eggs so I though I would share with you how we dye them without the kit! My girls loving add the food coloring, and we can make them the whole month long without paying $4.00 for the little tablets! What You Need 12 Hard-boiled eggs (or more if desired) Paper towels or newspaper Bowls or cups deep [...]

No-Bake Chocolate Bird Egg Nest Cookies {Fun kid recipe!}

chow mein chocolate bird nests

 Making these Bird Nest Cookies has been a tradition in our family since I was a little girl. Every spring, we would always have a million birds in our backyard (mostly annoying magpies, but birds nonetheless) and we always knew when the baby birds had hatched from their eggs because you could hear their sweet little chirps. Now these cookies are just a [...]

Easy Yarn Easter Egg Tutorial

Easter Egg YArn

Pin It (Adapted from Simply Modern Mom) So I have seen this a little bit on Pinterest and decided I wanted to give it a shot. I did things a little different because I wanted to make these with as little money as possible. This is what I did: 1.  Blow up water balloons. Blow them to the size you want your eggs. I'm wishing I did mine a little [...]