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Happy Thanksgiving! (and Free Christmas Photo Card Templates!)

Turkey cooking: CHECK

Rolls Rising: CHECK
Sweet Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Jello Salad
(Phew! I seriously need a nap!)
Although everyone’s Thanksgiving menu may be a little different than mine (we don’t have mac and cheese on our table . . . I had no idea people ate that for Thanksgiving!), there are a couple of things that are the mostly the same for everyone on Thanksgiving:1. The stress of cooking the meal.
It is a hard job to serve everything while it is still hot! Timing is everything!
(I know first-hand because I am cooking a Thanksgiving feast for my little family today here in Missouri . . . next year we will get to be all together with the sisters)

Good luck to all those who are cooking today! :)
And if you aren’t cooking, make sure to tell whoever is that you are so thankful for them!!
2. We all have something to be grateful for.
Be sure to take a minute today and count your blessings.
We really have so much to be thankful for.
PS: Thanksgiving night is when I always make my Christmas Cards. I found this sight with FREE Christmas photo card templates and thought I would share! They are really cute!

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Fresh Food Friday: Leftover Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Happy Black Friday!! 
I have to be honest- this is one of my favorite days of the year!
I am totally one of those people who wakes up in the middle of the night just to score a couple of great deals . . .
I know you may think I am crazy . . .
Whether you are out battling the crowds for a toy or staying at home, you have to try some of these recipes using your leftovers . . . they look so good!
Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole from the Brown Eyed Baker.
Grilled Turkey and Brie Sandwich with Cranberry Chutney from Closet Cooking.
Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza from We Are Not Martha.
Thanksgiving Leftovers Panini from Williams Sonoma.
Thanksgiving Leftover Salad with Cranberry Dressing from My Recipes.
Turkey Quesadillas with Chutney and Brie from Martha Stewart.
Roast Turkey Cuban Sandwich from Closet Cooking.
Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd Pie from Beyond Wonderful.

Turkey Cranberry Braid from Keeping Up with the Joneses

Crispy Turkey Tostadas from Delish

Leftover Turkey Gumbo from Steamy Kitchen

Have a wonderful Friday!

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Fresh Food Friday- Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

The countdown has begun . . . less than a week until the best eating day of the year!
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you can pig out and no one will judge you for it. :)
If you are the lucky one who gets to do the cooking this Thanksgiving, today’s
Fresh Food Friday
is all about great Thanksgiving side dishes for your meal!
Sweet Potato Casserole Cookie Bars (I know that they are a dessert, but they look so good!)
Have a great Friday!

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25 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

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Fresh Food Friday: Fun Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Happy November!
October flew by and Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it, so today I wanted to share with you some fun food ideas for Thanksgiving!
(These would all be darling as decor on your table for your Thanksgiving feast! However, people might try and nibble on them before dinner is served . . . I know I would!)

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Kid’s Thanksgiving Crafts (while you wait for the Turkey to cook)


Thanksgiving Coloring Pages


Toilet Paper Turkey


Thanksgiving, craft, crafts, kids crafts, pinecone, turkey, feathers

 Pine cone Turkeys


Cute Little Acorns

Make a Thankful Tree


Pilgrim Hats


Construction Paper Teepees
Construction Paper Teepees

Tasty Teepees


Pinecone Birds

Turkey Button Cards

Fall Leave Craft

Paint Chip Turkey Project


Gum Drop Turkey

Thanksgiving Advent Calendar

Thanksgiving Pilgrims Hat Cookies.  Crafts with food are my favorite!   #thanksgiving #food #foods #pie #pies #cake #cakes #holiday #holidays #dinner #snacks #dessert #desserts #turkey #turkeys #comfortfood #yum #diy #party #great #partyideas #family #familytime #gmichaelsalon #indianapolis #fun #unique #recipes #pilgrim #pilgrims #treats #craft

Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats


Looking for a Great Present for the cook of your family? Check out our cookbook! You will LOVE it!

Cookbook Image

Our cookbook makes a wonderful gift (and it’s priced right at less than $17!) . . . you can check it out HERE.

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Thanksgiving "Gobble" Wood Craft Tutorial

We are so excited to share with you one of our favorite finds . . .  
Wood Creations is a craft store like no other- they specialize in unfinished wood crafts for all seasons and for every room in your home.
There are so many creative people out there who can come up with fun crafts like this on their own and have the tools to make it happen. However, without a fancy wood saw and a creative idea, it’s hard to do. Wood Creations takes care of all the work- you just get to do the fun part!
Today I wanted to share with you how I decorated this cute “Gobble” for Thanksgiving.
When you head into Wood Creations, you will see shelves loaded with unfinished wood designs. There are seriously so many fun projects and crafts that you don’t know where to start. I think that I walked around the store for 30 minutes before finally deciding which craft to take home that day (okay, I will be honest- I think that I walked out of there with about 4 crafts).
They have a finished example of each craft so you get an idea of what you could have it look like, but I love putting my own spin on it.
 So besides just the unfinished wood crafts, you can pick up all the other craft supplies you will need to make your project. To make this “Gobble”, I used Mod Podge, a couple colors of acrylic paint (orange, brown, green, maroon, and black), glitter, chalk, paper, paintbrushes, tulle, and ribbon (all of which I was able to pick up at Wood Creations- it’s like one-stop craft shopping!)
The first thing that I did was paint all the wood. You could paint the whole project the same color or paint each individual letter/shape it’s own color (which is what I did). You could stop here and just have it be painted, but there are so many fun ways to spice it up . . .
 With all the patterned paper that I got, I traced the shape onto the paper and cut it out. You will want to cut your paper just a tiny bit smaller than the actual shape so that the paper doesn’t hang over the edge.
 I then painted a thin layer of Mod Podge on the shape and placed the paper onto the Mod Podge.
Then paint another layer over the paper and allow it dry completely.
The letters looks darling left with just the paper on, but to add even more dimension, I buffed a little bit of chalk around the edges of each letter and I loved the way it turned out.
The glitter is just as easy to apply- just paint the surface you want to cover with Mod Podge and completely cover the Mod Podge with glitter. Shake off the access and allow it dry completely.
After it was all dry, I tied some ribbons and tulle around the letters and I am thrilled with my finished project!
If you would like to visit the Wood Creations store in Utah, you can find all their location information on their website. They also host craft nights at the store where you can make your project in the store with professionals to help you, so be sure to check those out. It makes for a fun girls night out!
Don’t live in Utah? Don’t worry!
Wood Creations now SHIPS!!! 
I know that a lot of you have asked where you can purchase items like this outside of Utah and we are so thrilled to share their online store with you! Fall and Thanksgiving items are available in their online store right now and Christmas will soon be released! If you have any questions, be sure to check out their website and their blog.
Also, we are so happy to announce that Wood Creations is a sponsor of our
Build Your Blog 2013

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