Instant Pot Ham and Egg Casserole

I’ve had my Instant Pot for 4 weeks now and I still can’t get enough! I’ve been experimenting like crazy trying to get you guys some tried and true recipes that actually work. I’ve had some good and bad ones… but this one is one of my favorites! If you like a delicious egg casserole that is made quickly – then this Instant Pot recipe is for you!

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Instant Pot Ham and Egg Casserole
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  • 4 medium red potatoes
  • 1/2 onion, diced
  • 1 cup chopped ham
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 10 large eggs
  • 1 cup milk (I used skim- but any kind will work)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper


  1. Spray the insert of an Instant pot with nonstick cooking spray (For my insert, I just used a large glass bowl- but you can use any insert that fits into an instant pot). Put the eggs and milk into the bowl (or insert) and whisk until well blended. Place the potatoes, ham, onions, cheese, and salt and pepper in with the eggs and mix until everything is covered with the egg mixture. Then cover the bowl with foil
  2. Place your steam rack into your Instant Pot and add 2 cups of water. Put your foil covered bowl (or insert) on top of the steam rack.
  3. Close your lid and push manual. Make the timer say 25 minutes and you are good to go!
  4. When the timer is done, do a quick release and remove the lid as soon as the pressure is gone.
  5. Serve with your favorite toppings. Some of mine are: Sour cream, salsa, avocado, more cheese tomatoes, and salt and pepper!

Don’t have anĀ Instant Pot? No worries – You can make a similar recipe using your oven. Find the recipe HERE.

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    • For one... using cream in a soup while cooking it gives it lumps. ha ha. I'm sure I'll have more! It is just a matter of trial and error. Sometimes things aren't cooked all the way, so I have to continue to cook them. Or I cook the too much and everything is dry. ha ha.

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