Lemon Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream Frosting

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I love using a cake mix when I make cupcakes.  With just a few additional ingredients to your cake mix, your cupcakes will be so soft and moist!  The blackberry buttercream goes perfectly with the lemon cupcakes!

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    16 Responses to “Lemon Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream Frosting”

    1. hi jody i had the same problem! I'm thinking possibly an altitude difference? and the recipe probably needs more baking soda, mine came out delicious i don't know about yours but they did sink very low after taking them out of the oven.
    2. new jersey
      my cupcakes sank when i took them out of the oven and the icing was too watery and had to use almost the whole bag of powdered sugar( 2 lbs) to make it get to a consistency of an actual icing... now it is too sweet... also my batter was too watery as well i had to cook them longer than the time given. liked the idea but the recipe disappointed me.
    3. Just made these cupcakes on Saturday...AMAZING! So moist and delicious. I added a few extra squirts of lemon juice to my batter. I also had to cook them longer, closer to 25 minutes, because they were very gooey and the middle of the cupcakes were "jiggling" when I took them out after 18 minutes (I'm guessing from the pudding). My cupcakes also sunk :( I think it's from the oil? They still tasted amazing, and I just used extra frosting to fill in the sink hole. Note for people who had runny frosting...mine also seemed runny when I first made it...I stuck it in the fridge for a bit while the cupcakes were cooling and it was MUCH easier to use. I was asked for the recipe by every single person who ate a cupcake. I think I ate 5 or 6 of them in two days (I almost never eat sweets....) I couldn't resist them! My mom even made a batch the day after I did because my family liked them so much. I encourage everyone to make this recipe..you will not be disappointed! (If you get sinking cupcakes, it's just an excuse to fill it up with extra icing :) best icing I have ever had).
    4. Michelle
      Even while risking sounding very dumb, I'm going to comment because my cupcakes sank as well. The original place that I found this recipe (which linked to this site) said 3 oz. of vanilla pudding which is what I added to the batter. This website makes it seem pretty clear that the recipe is actually calling for a 3 oz box of the instant pudding (dry) mix. My second dozen came out better because I let them cook longer, but I'm pretty sure that MY mistake was just in misinterpretting the recipe! Hope I helped someone while making myself look like a dumb-dumb! lol XD
    5. Linnae Williams
      Made these today. The cupcake wasn't very lemon-y to me so I made a lemon curd and put in on the cupcake. My cupcakes also fell, which was perfect for the lemon curd and just meant filling it up with more frosting. My frosting did not cover all the cupcakes. I needed a 1.5 times batch to cover all 24 cupcakes. But the frosting was so good and with the lemon curd, it was a super lemon-y treat!

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