Circus Animal Truffles

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Growing up, our dad would always request circus animal cookies for his birthday and father’s day. It was a gift we could afford as little girls, and it was always exciting seeing the look on his face (which was probably a little exaggerated) when he opened them up. I was reminded of this sweet memory as I was at my in-laws last weekend. My cute mother-in-law made me a Valentine, and there were circus animal cookies inside. I got thinking about it, and decided they could easily be made into a yummy truffle! I used the recipe for our no-bake thin mint cookies, and substituted the thin mints for circus animals!

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    1. Hi, These look delicious. I have questions about the bark though. 1) How much bark/chips should I use? Do you mean 4 small squares? Or 4 bars? 4 small squares doesn't seem like it will be enough, but maybe I'm wrong? 2) In the recipe ingredients and instructions, you reference both vanilla bark AND chips. But in the comments you mentioned white is it vanilla chips I should be getting? Bark? Or white chocolate chips/bark?

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