Warm Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe

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We have lived in our house for three years. When we moved in, the house had been empty for quite some time and the backyard was completely overgrown.  Shortly after moving in, we discovered that we had a cherry tree and plum tree in this overgrown “jungle” and we have enjoyed eating them for the past few years.  Well, about three weeks ago, my 6 year old daughter came into the house yelling, “One of the plum trees makes apples!” We headed out back and sure enough- tucked in the back corner of the yard, there was an apple tree loaded with perfect gala apples.  Needless to say, we have had so many apples! We are literally eating apples for every. single. meal.

I love apple crisp recipes, but my husband isn’t crazy about them. He does, however, love caramel apples. So, I took my favorite apple crisp recipe, poured caramel ice cream topping all over it and the end product was a match made in heaven! You’ll have to try it for yourself!


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    10 Responses to “Warm Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe”

    1. [email protected]
      So pretty!
    2. This was delicious! Just a few questions... I had no apple juice so decided to give it a try without it. Still really good! What does the apple juice do for it? Your picture looks very solid I feel as if mine was runny so I'm not sure how it would be with apple juice. I cooked it about 30 minutes... Should I have left it in longer for it to thicken or will it do so as it cools? The whole family loved it! Thanks for the great recipe!
    3. I recently made this with apples from my friend's apple tree and it was fantastic! I used a little more caramel than called for, but who doesn't love that!? :) The recipe was very descriptive and everyone who tried it absolutely loved it! Thanks!

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