No-Knead Honey Wheat Rolls Recipe

No matter what I do, I just have never had a successful batch of rolls. They burn, they’re flat, they rise too much, they don’t rise enough . . .
I think that part of the problem is that I’m not patient enough. I hate that bread takes all day long and it’s constantly rising and then you knead it down, then let it rise again and then knead it down . . . and on and on and on. I keep busy enough with the kids, let alone tend to my bread dough eight times (okay, okay, I know that I am totally exaggerating . . . but really though . . .).

Somehow, the rolls that I made always end up like hard-as-rocks hockey pucks.

So, I decided to try this recipe that said it required no kneading. It had crazy high reviews and people who had roll problems like me claimed that this recipe was their saving grace.

I am happy to report that it worked!! My rolls were light and fluffy, they were perfectly browned, and my house smelled delicious. I felt like a true domestic goddess when my husband came home to these warm rolls and slow cooker beef stew. Trust me- if I could make these rolls, you could probably make them blindfolded. 🙂

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    18 Responses to “No-Knead Honey Wheat Rolls Recipe”

    1. I had to try this recipe. My dough was not sticky but rather like a normal bread recipe so I formed the rolls into balls instead of using the muffin tins. I did make a slight change when I made them. I used molasses instead of honey since that is something that I had in my pantry. I love raisins in breads so I added some raisins. The result was a wonderful dinner roll. I was impressed by how quick & easy the recipe is. The rolls are light & tender. They were a great addition to our Sunday evening Chili meal. I will keep this recipe & plan to make it frequently. Thank you for sharing.
    2. I just tried this recipe. My dough is pretty wet, only slightly sitcky and did not double in size after 30 minutes. If it supposed to be very sitcky? Is it supposed to be rapid rise yeast? The recipe doesn't specify but with other no knead bread I've made it required rapid rise yeast.
      • Hi Annie! I am so sorry to hear that your dough is sticky! I am definitely not a bread expert, so I am not exactly sure why it would be so sticky! I didn't use rapid rise yeast, but I think that it would be fine if you did. My dough was a little on the sticky side, but I just added a little more flour and it worked fine. It's funny- some days it's stickier than others (I have heard that sometimes the weather/humidity/altitude can make a difference). Anyway, I am sorry that I am not much help! Have a good day!
    3. I too have never had luck with baking breads or rolls! I am a great cook and baker in all other realms but not breads. I decided to give your recipe a go since it used some whole grains( I used 1/2 white and 1/2 wheat) and it turned out great and was SOOO easy and quick! I am adding these to my Thanksgiving menu now! THANKS!

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