Queso Blanco Dip (White Cheese Dip)

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I am one of those people who loves to go out to eat and pig out on appetizers.
I am notorious for downing a whole bowl of chips and salsa before my entree even arrives . . . and by the time it finally does come, I am so full of chips and salsa that I have to get my food sent home with me in a to-go box.
My husband has learned to just not let me order an appetizer so that I will eat the rest of my food (it makes me sound like I am a little kid with no control . . . ha ha!), but every once in a while we make an exception . . . and cheesy dips are definitely one of those exceptions!
We have a couple of cheesy dips on our blog, but I think that this one tops them all. It’s gooey and thick with just the right amount of heat; plus it’s ready in about 5 minutes!
If you have a potluck or party coming up, I highly suggest bringing this as your dish . . . you will quickly be the most popular one there!! šŸ™‚

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    Recipe slightly adapted from Seeded At The Table.

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    23 Responses to “Queso Blanco Dip (White Cheese Dip)”

    1. [email protected] Boiled Noodle
      I too, am a dip addict. Or,more honestly, an appetizer addict. thank you forgiving me one more to try!! :)
    2. Made this last night for the first time, we love our mexican restaurant cheese dip. I was so hoping this would turn out just like it. It did not turn out like theres at all. I think it was 10 times better. Perfect for dipping lovely amount of heat consistency was great not to runny not to think Thanks for posting this we are big mexican food eaters so this will come in handy, yummmmy
    3. This is ridiculously delicious. I couldn't stop myself from raving on and on as I was drowning Scoops in this dip! I used Cooper cheese as suggested by another reviewer and I thank her for that suggestion. :) I'm making this for our Super Bowl party and I will use a few more seeds from the jalapenos as we like it best when it has some real kick. Thanks for a wonderful, rich and creamy dip recipe.

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