Fresh Lime Salsa Recipe

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I love treats.
I love sugar and chocolate and basically anything that will give you cavities.
Since starting this blog, I have made a lot more treats than the average person . . . there is always some sort of goodie being made in my kitchen.
I noticed that the scale started showing larger and larger numbers and I knew that I needed to do something . . . so we made a new family rule:
When we make a new dessert or treat, we each get one serving and then we get rid of the rest.

I felt too guilty just throwing away all that delicious goodness, so I turned to Facebook.
My cute neighbors have formed a private neighborhood Facebook group and I started using that Facebook group to share my extra treats. I usually post the treats on Sunday nights, after the all the kids have gone to bed. The first person who leaves a comment on my post gets a plate of goodies for themselves and a plate to give away to another family in the neighborhood. Jared (my husband) and I have such a good time posting the treats and within SECONDS, we have people racing to leave a comment for the treats. We have had so much fun sharing AND saving ourselves lots and lots of extra calories.

Thankfully, this recipe is healthy and so I don’t have to share it. During the summer, I love all the fresh produce that is available and this salsa is so fresh and good that I could literally eat it by the spoonful. We have a Black Bean and Corn Salsa that is delicious, but this one is also just as amazing. The fresh lime juice really takes it over the top!

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    Recipe source: Domestication in Progress

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    5 Responses to “Fresh Lime Salsa Recipe”

    1. Amber @ Dessert Now, Dinner Later!
      We do the same thing. Take one serving for us & then get rid of the rest. My husband usually takes the rest to work & his co-workers eat the goodies. They love it! Sometimes if I haven't made anything in a while, they start asking when the next treat is coming. Haha! This salsa sounds great by the way. I need to do better at eating healthier too. :)

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