Doritos Crusted Chicken Strips

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Doritos are one of the few foods I can’t eat when I’m pregnant. As soon as the baby is out I pretty much inhale these things! These Doritos Crusted Chicken Strips taste delicious… and the man in your life will thank me!
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    15 Responses to “Doritos Crusted Chicken Strips”

    1. I'll try the nacho cheese doritos for my wife. I've done this before with Fritos (my fave) and some spices (cumin, cayenne, garlic salt, pepper, paprika, etc.). Just have to go easy on the spices if there are "short people" eating them, too (my 2 girls). The oil in the Fritos give them a great crunch as I'm sure is the case with the Doritos. Thanks for your recipes from a "dude" who loves to cook.
    2. I tried this tonight after finding the link to the recipe from your weekly meal plan -- and I loved it! It was a hit with my boyfriend, too. I've never been successful at anything with bread-crumbs for some reason, but this worked and I was half-expecting to fail at it. Yum! We ate it with ranch and siracha sauce. :)
    3. Mom of 5
      I made this tonight for dinner and my kids LOVED it! Dinnertime has been so stressful lately because there isn't one meal that they all like. My extremely picky and hard to please 6 year old went back for thirds! This will be a regular on our menu from now on. Thanks for sharing.
    4. Tiffany Floyd
      Oh my goodness....its a hit! I made this for dinner tonight and my picky kids, who fight me tooth and nail to try any new foods, devoured them! I'm pretty sure my husband had four pieces! I was pretty over the moon myself. I made a big pan thinking we'd have plenty of leftovers and there wasn't a single one left! It does my mama's heart good to see my kids completely clean their plates of something I made! We found ourselves a keeper.
    5. Rachel
      Just tried this tonight and the whole family loved it. Only thing I found odd was calling for 2 cups of flour for the chicken. I had so much leftover flour after coating all the chicken. Probably could have easily gotten away with 1 cup and still been able to coat it all evenly. Just my 2 cents! Delicious recipe, thank you!

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