Slow Cooker Tamale Pie

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 Photographing food is not my best skill. Photographing food made in a slow cooker is even more challenging- especially if you want to make it look good! My family knows that before we can eat dinner, I have to photograph it. To help speed up this process, my husband will get in on the food presentation . . . he and I usually have a contest to see who can make and photograph the “best looking plate”. He is so wonderful and supportive of me and my funny hobby. 🙂 This is one of his food presentation winners; I had no idea how to make this slow cooked dish look appetizing, but I must say that he did a great job!
With the cornbread topping, all you need is a simple green salad to round out this meal. It’s so yummy and has a five-star reviews from everyone who tries it.
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    Recipe source: Taste of Home

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    29 Responses to “Slow Cooker Tamale Pie”

    1. My husband loves this pie, but I've never made it. Now I am giving it a try. Thanks Camille!
    2. Haha! I hear ya about trying to make certain dishes photograph-worthy! Some of the best casseroles taste fantastic but look "meh" on the plate, but I must say that your husband did a stellar job here! This really does look delish! And, anything containing enchilada sauce automatically has my heart :D

    3. Stephanie
      This recipe seriously ROCKS!!! I've made it twice now and my Husband loves it as much as I do :) I made it the 2nd time with a homemade enchilada sauce that I've loved using and the flavors were that much more intense! (Maybe because everything was from scratch, I don't know) THANK YOU for this recipe! Definitely a keeper!!
    4. samantha
      I made this for dinner tonight--This meal was amazing, and earned rave reviews from my husband!! I did substitute ground turkey in place of the ground beef, but it made no difference! Will most certainly be making again soon! Thanks!
      • Diana Walker
        This recipe seems to be a carbon copy of the Taste of Home recipe. But other recipes for Slow Cooker Tamali Pie/Casserole, all say to make the cornbread according to recipe on box. I'm with you... just two eggs sounds like an awfully dry cornbread topping. And with all the comments, I'm wondering if others just haven't noticed it doesn't say 'according to recipe on box'. I've also noticed other comments where ppl have used their own homemade recipe. Hope this helps!
    5. My family loved this and so did I. It felt filling and healthy. (Minus the cornbread!) I added 2 packages of cornbread because of a previous review, but 1 would have been just fine. I also put the hamburger in raw, and it came out just fine. I use really lean hamburger so I never get much grease out of it anyways and it's 1 less step! Seems silly to me to cook something on the stove that is going to sit in the crockpot for EIGHT hours!
    6. Made this tonight with frozen corn and extra tomatoes instead of enchilada sauce. We have gluten issues and used our own corn bread recipe and it worked great. Saving this one for a repeat. Kids said they liked it better than pizza or even French fries!
    7. Not sure if I did something wrong. Although it was good, and my husband had two helpings, I thought it was more like chili with cornbread. Am I missing something? I did like the idea of cornbread on top, something like dumplings. Maybe I will try to do that with my chili recipe.

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