Easy Ambrosia Fruit Salad

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 Right before I got married, my extended family threw me a “Stuff The Pantry” bridal shower.
Everyone was supposed to bring their favorite recipe and then the ingredients needed to make that recipe so that I could stock my pantry with lots of ideas to feed my husband. 🙂 All the older women in the family kept telling me that the way to my husband’s heart was through food . . . and that seriously terrified me because I lived on cereal, sandwiches, and crackers! My husband was going to run away when he found out that I didn’t even know how to brown hamburger. My cute grandma wrote me a little note about how it takes a lot of practice to learn your way around the kitchen but this recipe is a great place to start; she then included the following recipe for this simple ambrosia salad. I still have the recipe card with her teeny-tiny perfect handwriting and it will forever be a treasure to me. And she is exactly right- it doesn’t get much simpler than this little recipe. 🙂
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    1. CUTE story!!! and I love how easy this looks and it’s healthy too! I had featured U in the post of Seven Little-Known Ways To Make Healthy Side Dish For Father’s Day on AllFreshRecipes, Looking forward to ur more delish Eats!

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