BBQ Bacon Burgers

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You might be saying to yourself . . . hamburger recipes already?! But it’s only April! Well, Utah has had some warm temperatures so far this spring (and when I say warm, I mean like 50 degrees) and grilling season has begun! That might be a little extreme, but when the weather takes a warm turn here, we pounce on it! Spring in Utah is a mix of all the seasons; we go from 70 degrees and sunny one day to 32 degrees and a blizzard the next day. It’s insane. Anyway, once the snow is cleared from the grill, it’s time to fire it up! I made these burgers a couple weeks ago and as my husband watched me mix up the meat, he exclaimed: “Bacon IN the burger?! That is pure genius!” They are delicious. 🙂
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    Recipe slightly adapted from Taste of Home


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    11 Responses to “BBQ Bacon Burgers”

    1. haha I live in Utah too & can so relate to the change of seasons, weather is crazy here! Those burgers look & sound so good! I would love to have you come link up to My wonderful friend Heather & I's link party > Hope your having a great Saturday! :),

      -Kayla :)
    2. Lindsay
      made this burger for a bbq and then again for fathers day (without onions) and it was a hit!! everyone loves them. I loved them so much I made about 6 lbs of burgers just so I could freeze them and have them throughout the week!! so yummy!!

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