White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies Recipe

If you have been to Subway, you have most likely seen their amazing raspberry cheesecake cookies.  After I came across this recipe on Bakergirl, I headed straight to the store to buy the ingredients!  They taste just like the cookies from Subway, maybe even better!
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies Recipe
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(Recipe adapted from Bakergirl)
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28 Responses to “White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies Recipe”

  1. Marcie
    At first I couldn't find the raspberry muffin mix so we went with a strawberry cheesecake mix. They came out wonderful! I will say that the dough really needs to be chilled very well and I found that 30 minutes was not enough. Also, the cookies did not spread out for me at all so the 1" balls I rolled them into before baking, came out as round cookies. Still tasted great. The next time I made them, I was able to find the raspberry muffin mix and I honestly liked the other better. The jiffy raspberry pellets stayed a little hard and didn't mix well. Over all, I have made this recipe several times now and it has gone into my "keep it" file. Thanks so much!
  2. Caroline
    My boyfriend LOVES these cookies from Subway and when I found this recipe I give it a go. The recipe is so simple and easy. I agree that the Jiffy muffin mix is hard to find, but I ordered it off Amazon (eligible for prime shipping). My boyfriend loves them so much and they are very accurate to the cookies from Subway!
  3. I made these cookies last night for a cookie exchange and found them to be very crumbly and they did not hold together well when coming off the cookie sheet. It was a delicate balance as to the "right" time to leave them on the pan. Too soon and they hadn't set, Too long and they crumbled apart. Sorta disappointed- these are my favorite subway cookies. Out of curiousity, why was flour added to the original recipe?
  4. I'm so thankful someone came up with a copy cat recipe. Mine didn't turn out as chewy or sweet as Subways cookies though. They didn't spread much and had a muffin-y texture on the inside. Any suggestions for tweaks? More cream cheese? Less flour? More chocolate or sugar? I read and reread the ingredients list and steps and I'm sure I followed them right. My oven was on convect mode. Does that make a difference?

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