Cake Mix Sugar Cookies Recipe

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I adore sugar cookies, but hate the time it takes to make them.  These cookies are some of our absolute favorite, and you don’t even have to pull out the cookie cutters!
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    34 Responses to “Cake Mix Sugar Cookies Recipe”

    1. I wonder if this would work with the sugar free cake mixes? what do you think?
    2. Do you have a favorite brand of cake mix?
      [email protected]
    3. Absolutely fantastic recipe. Everyone needs to keep in mind that Betty Crocker makes the 15.25 ounce cake mixes while Duncan Hines and Pillsbury continue to make the 18.25 ounce mixes. I learned that the hard way. So if you use Duncan Hines or Pillsbury, you need to bump up the oil by a teaspoon or two.

      I made these this weekend with a pineapple flavor mix. Rather than making the frosting called for, I mixed some pineapple juice with powdered sugar to a pouring consistency and drizzled it on the cooled cookies. Took them to a luau-themed barbeque. They were the hit of the party!

      Thanks so much for sharing this. It has so very many possibilities!
    4. We made these cookies with our 3 yr old Grandson as one of our Easter desserts and they were a big hit! One of the best sugar cookie recipes I think I have ever made and kid friendly too! We followed your recipe exactly and wouldn't change a thing! I really think you could use any flavor cake mix and make killer cookies every time. Thanks so much for sharing. You guys are the best!! [email protected]
    5. diabetic snacker reviews
      These look great but I have been making mine using only 1 box of cake mix & 1 can of diet soda. Then they are very low in calories & still taste yummy! They don't taste like the soda at all but you could add any extracts or flavorings you wanted. I also just mix juices with a bit of powdered sugar for glazing cookies like someone mentioned. You don't really need the oil or the eggs they will still come out perfectly. I've also subbed club soda for the diet soda too.
    6. Milinda
      I only had a box of yellow cake mix on hand and I think it worked just as well. :) They turned out awesome. Fluffy, moist and tasty!! Could totally be eaten on their own. The frosting, instead of using food coloring, I added some Hershey's strawberry syrup to the mixture and had strawberry frosting. OH! MY! YUM! Great recipe and I have now tagged several other recipes for myself just browsing. GREAT COOKIES!! :)
      • Was your cake mix 15.25 ounces? We have found that some cake mix box sizes are shrinking! That can effect your recipes. You could always try adding just a little flour. I'm not sure what could have gone wrong. We have never had a problem with this recipe!

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