Slow Cooker Chile Colorado Beef Burritos

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To be honest, I have never heard of a Chile Colorado Burrito, but apparently they are popular and delicious in the Tex-Mex world. The meat inside of these burritos is so simple to make, but tastes absolutely amazing! It basically falls apart when you poke it with your fork. After cooking the meat all day in your slow cooker, you wrap it up in a big flour tortilla, put sauce and cheese on top, and broil to perfection. My family loved them and I am sure that yours will too!

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    9 Responses to “Slow Cooker Chile Colorado Beef Burritos”

    1. If you want a much more tasteful dish season the meat first with either packaged taco or fajita seasoning or do your own with cumin, chili powder, pepper, salt, garlic powder and oregano. Also chop up an onion too and put that at the bottom of the crock pot. After the meat cooks pour the juice out then put some of the saved enchilada sauce back in like you would with bbq sauce for pulled pork and heat for another 1/2 hour. Happy eating!
    2. I've been making these for a few months now. They freeze well too. The fillings and sauce are "adaptable" too. Sometimes I use black beans and rice inside with the meat. I also don't like canned enchilada sauce so I make mine from tomato sauce, chili powder, cumin and Rotel tomato sauce...not Rotel tomatoes but their SAUCE :-)

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