S’mores Bars Recipe

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 My dear, sweet husband is always wanting to go camping.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a little over-nighter in a tent but that is about as wild as it got for us growing up in a family of all girls.  He was quite sad when I broke the news to him that my very pregnant body, at the time, just couldn’t handle sleeping on the ground and dealing with a toddler in a tent.  While he was at work, my little buddy and I decided to set up an indoor campsite to surprise dad when he got home.  He may not have been as excited as he would have been if we had really camped, but these s’mores bars sure eased his pain.  I enjoyed one too many of these yummy treats, slept in my own bed and listened to my boys laugh out in the living room.  That is my kind of camping!


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     (Recipe from Sugar Cooking)

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    1. Awh, what a cute improvisational idea for camping--my kind of camping for sure! I can't handle the bugs and uneven ground and all the work (yes, I'm lazy!) but my boyfriend loves it. Maybe one day I'll pitch a fort in the living room and make these bars for him and I so we can snuggle and watch movies... and avoid bug bites! Great idea!
      • bringamess
        After reading reviews, I used a layer of semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of sweet chocolate to cut back on some of the richness; I used mini-marshmallows instead of the cream (that's what I had in the cabinet); and I rolled the top crust (or 2nd half of the cookie dough) between two sheets of wax paper to the size of the pan and treated it like a pie crust (rolling the flattened dough over a rolling pin and unrolling it over the pan, then poked a few holes in it). I haven't tried the recipe with the sweet chocolate and marshmallow cream, but these turned out really good.
        • bringamess
          The first batch I made disappeared quickly and we loved them. Second time around I used the marshmallow cream... they were too sweet for our family. So, I'm back to semi-sweet chocolate chips and a layer of mini-marshmallows. However, the graham cracker cookie recipe is perfect-- we really like this recipe. Thank you!

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