Cake Mix Caramel Brownies Recipe

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I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to desserts. They are my weakness!
The more ooey and gooey they are, the better.
Caramel and chocolate seem to be the perfect couple and when you pair them with a cake mix recipe, you get quick and easy gooey deliciousness. 🙂
These brownies are so easy to whip up . . . you really would have no idea that they were made with a cake mix!
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    11 Responses to “Cake Mix Caramel Brownies Recipe”

    1. [email protected]
      These look delish! Can't wait to try them!
    2. I'm lamenting the fact that all the cake mix brands have changed their formula (as well as the size of box) and now these brownies taste nothing like they used to. (I have been making this recipe for over 20 years.) I've tried tweaking the recipe (taking some mix from one box and adding it to another until it weighs 18.2 oz like it used to). Brownies come out dry. Tried underbaking, still no success. Also, FYI, Kraft brands caramels have reduced their size package from 14 oz to 11 oz. If you are successful adapting this recipe using the new size packages, I would love to know what changes you made.

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