Double Chocolate Brownie Mix Cookies

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These are an easy dessert to whip up when you’re in a hurry.  They are soft and chewy like a brownie but look like a cookie!  If you’re a brownie lover, then you’ll definitely love these cookies!
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    11 Responses to “Double Chocolate Brownie Mix Cookies”

    1. Cookies with a brownie mix! I'm in heaven. I like making cookies with cake mixes since it's so easy, but I LOVE brownies. This sounds like a gazillion times better. I would really love it if you stopped by my March Link Party to share these.
    2. I am definitely going to give these a try! I recently posted a recipe for brownie cookies that are similar to this, but a bit chewy looking, which is most likely because they are made a little differently. Nonetheless, they are my favorite. Can't wait to try these and see if they take the cake!

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