Easy Blackberry and Cream Cheese Danish

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This recipe took just a couple of minutes to throw together, but tastes like it came straight from a pastry shop. To say we loved it would be an understatement!! It was so yummy. It would also make a great dessert!
(If you don’t like blackberries, you could actually substitute any kind of fruit in there! Or, just use the cream cheese filling without fruit- that would be yummy too!).
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    19 Responses to “Easy Blackberry and Cream Cheese Danish”

    1. Made this morning and it was super easy and delish! Im going to try to freeze a few pieces and see how it goes. I had the same problem with cooking all the way through, it really needs the 15-20 minutes even thiugh it gets golden brown first. My oven is hot so I turned it down a bit for the last 5 minutes so they didn't burn.
      • Hi Lori, I understand that this can be kind of confusing. Open your dough and when you unroll it you will have two rectangles that have 4 rolls hooked together with seams. You will want to place one rectangle on the cookie sheet so that it's a horizontal rectangle (lying down). Then place the other on right above it so that they are touching. Then with your finger gently push on all the seams of each roll and where the two pieces connect so that they don't come apart during cooking. So you basically have one big seamless rectangle dough sheet (Pillsbury also makes crescent roll dough like this now which would save you this crazy step) spread out on your cookie sheet. It really will only take you one minute to do this, just sounds complicated for your first time. Then with kitchen scissors or a knife make 1/2 inch slits up both sides of the dough. About 1 inch apart. Then you add all the ingredients down the center. Then carefully starting at one end pull on piece of dough from the side and cross over the filling, then pull from the other side and cross that dough over. Just continue down with a weaving/braiding pattern. That's all there is to it. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can answer anymore questions. Cyd (mom of the Six Sisters)
    2. Christine
      Your instruction above to Lori to cut 1/2" strips "about 1 inch apart on both side" is very helpful to me. I made this and it was a very yummy mess because I did not get the braid correct. Also the ingredient list says "1 tube ...rolls". I guessed 8oz with 8 rolls. Are you leaving the size off so we can choice what we like? Or is one size better than another? Thank you

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