Your Crock Pot Solution: The Crock-it Lock-it (and a giveaway!)

I’m pretty excited to introduce you to today’s sponsor,
If you haven’t noticed by now, we LOVE crock pots. We have hundreds of slow cooker recipes in our index. We grew up watching our mom frequently use her crock pot, and as we moved out and started families of our own we have all learned to appreciate them so much more. They really are so convenient to use and cook a lot of food- especially for parties, potlucks, or for your own family. I seriously could go on for days about how wonderful crock pots are. I only have one complaint – they do not transport well. At all. Think about it – have you ever successfully managed to carry a crock pot? It’s not really a one-hand job, and if you are transporting food while it’s still warm, the pot is HOT! They don’t sit nicely in cars, and even when I pack it on the seat with towels and buckle it in, I swear I always end up spilling whatever is inside. And then my car smells like food for weeks!
We were approached by the Crock-it Lock-it team a few months ago, and we were ecstatic. The Crock-it Lock-it is universal crock pot carrier that allows you to carry a crock pot with just one hand and helps to eliminate spills in transit. Their adjustable straps fit on all of our crock pots and they even have space for a ladle and storage for the cord (I always trip over my cord, so I was pretty excited about that, too!).
It’s perfect to help you transport your delicious dishes to family gatherings, work parties, potluck dinners, tailgates, or wherever you need to go.
Learn more about the Crock-it Lock-it on their site, or have your questions answered on the Crock-it Lock-it Facebook Page. You can purchase it today for just $25.00!
Enter to win one today!!

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Good luck!
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  1. Dawn Kaser says

    There are so many to pick from…but if I had to pick just one it would be the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. Not only is it a crock pot recipe, but it was in your collection of one hour make ahead freezer meals. So easy and super yummy!

  2. Robin W. says

    I haven’t tried any of your crock-pot recipes, but have tried lots of others!! Out of your crock-pot, I believe I will start with the Dr, Pepper Pulled Pork!! The Slow Cooker King Ranch Chicken sounds good but some of the comments on it weren’t too encouraging!!

  3. Robin Goudy says

    i use your Slow Cooker Turkey Breast recipe every several weeks. My youngest is very picky, but loves turkey breast to take to school, so I make one just for him. He loves it, and sooooo easy!

  4. Alison C says

    All your recipes are great. My all time favourite would be turkey breast done in the crockpot! So moist and tender.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    also fourkidsthreecats at msn dot com

  5. Michelle M. says

    What an awesome thing! When my husband isn’t around to carry it, I find it very difficult to carry it plus manage 3 small children. I love your site as well. I’ve gotten many very good recipes from it! :)

  6. Andrea Riddle says

    We absolutely LOVE the Eclair cake! SO YUMMY!! I also love the Cafe Rio Pork. Pretty much we love any recipe you come up with! :) Thank you for always being good to share with the rest of us! :)

  7. wanda says

    Perhaps this is cheating….but my favorite recipe is NUTELLA NO BAKES!!!

    I’m sure there’s something wonderful in the slow cooker list that I’d love, but my heart belongs to those no bakes! Thanks for posting them SS!!

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