25 Most Used Kitchen Items from Six Sisters’ Stuff

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We are asked a few times a day if the items we use to cook with. We thought we would make it easier for everyone if we shared our 25 Most Used Kitchen Items.  Most of the items are inexpensive and have worked GREAT for us! There are a few items that are more expensive, but we use them A LOT so we thought we would share.

This list is also perfect for someone first married or moving out on their own!



Product Details


Kitchen Aid Hand Can Opener (some sisters like the electric one… but I love the hand one)


Silpat Non Stick Baking Mat (Best invention EVER) This makes it so your cookies won’t burn on the edges. It cooks them evenly every time!


Bosch Mixer or





Kitchen Aid


Wood Rolling Pin


chop stir

The ChopStir!
This makes life so much easier when cooking ground meat! No more wooden spoon chopping!


Product Details

5 in one Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddle


And our Cookbook is a common item found in all the Sisters’ Kitchens!


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  1. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says

    The one item I would never be without is the silicone mat that fits on the bottom of my oven to catch drips and spills. It makes cleaning the oven (a chore I HATE) so much easier, especially as I get older.

  2. Ila@LilSprinklesofJoy says

    Oh I love my kitchen aid mixer!!!! My mother in law gave it to me as a wedding present! Best thing ever!

  3. katie says

    loved the list – I follow y’all on pinterest and your recipes are great. I don’t know if you have control over the annoying survey box, but it kept blocking my view of your 25 items list. I could not close the box….it blocked my view of seeing your great ideas! keep them coming!

  4. aimee @ like mother like daughter says

    I just ordered that crock pot from amazon and I can’t wait to have a programmable crockpot. It looks so nice and I am so excited!

  5. Brenna says

    I have been using DeMarle products for a few years now! I’m so obsessed, I started selling them! You should find a rep near you because you can get the Silpats cheaper through a DeMarle at Home rep than at the home store or online!! Definitely a must have in my kitchen too!!

  6. Katie says

    I absolutely love your recipes!! Everyday when I get ready to look up a recipe, I look at your page first to see if you have something! Thank y’all for the amazing recipes & blog. My whole family thinks “my” recipes are amazing!! Lol.

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