My Recipe Magic: Nutritional Value

Have you ever wondered what the nutritional value of an entire recipe is?  I was determined not to gain the “Freshman 15” my first year of college, but finding out the nutritional value for every single thing I ate was almost impossible.  I could look up the information for each ingredient but who has the time for that?  That is why my sisters and I came up with My Recipe Magic.  It actually takes any recipe that you want and, through the wonders of super computers, generates a complete list of nutritional value for it.  It even gives me Weight Watcher points!  It is so easy.  Just look for the magic button  at the bottom of our recipes.  When you click on that button it takes you to a full version of the recipe with lots of cool features.  It looks like this:


Just click on the Nutrition tab and get a complete list of nutritional value.

You can search the thousands of recipes already entered or enter your own recipe and let it do the calculating.  You can even create a menu for the entire week and get the nutritional value for that!

There are many great features on this website that we will talk about in other posts.  I love having the nutritional value right at my finger tips! Proud to say I didn’t gain the “freshman 15”, but with all the yummy treats on My Recipe Magic there is a good chance I might be gaining the “sophomore 6”!


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  1. Cari says

    I just found your blog this weekend. I printed several recipes, made my grocery list and headed off to the grocery store this morning…first of all my grocery bill was half of what it normally would be using your recipes :)))) thank you!!! Second, I tried the best pork chop slow cooker recipe tonight and it was AMAZING! So easy. I LOVE the fact that you include the nutritional value on your website. So a big thanks all the way around. Hate I didn’t find your site sooner.

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