Crock Pot Orange Chicken

crock pot orange chicken


I have been searching like crazy for a delicious orange chicken recipe. After many tries, and many fails, I have FINALLY found an orange chicken recipe that will knock your socks off! The best part is that it is cooked in your crock pot!




4 or 5 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

1 cup Orange Marmalade

1 cup of BBQ Sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s)

3 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce



Place your chicken in the crock pot.

Mix the marmalade, BBQ sauce, and soy sauce together.

Pour over the chicken and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours, or on high for 4 to 5 hours

When it is done cooking, shred the chicken.

Serve over cooked rice.

(I added some red pepper flakes the on the adult plates for a hot kick)

Adapted from Frugal Girls

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  1. donna gr says

    This looks good. I’m trying to figure out the magic recipe part. I want to know the nutritional info on orange chicken. When I did a search it took me to 471 chicken recipes. How can I find ?

    • Cyd says

      Just click on the MAGIC button under the picture and then click on NUTRITION and it will give you all the nutritional value and servings, and weight watcher points. The magic button was just updated and may not work on this recipe until Tuesday. Just keep trying. Thanks so much for checking out our new sister site –

  2. amy stephens says

    Hi! this looks awesome! LOVE crock pot recipes. I am wondering if it would be alright if I shared this (including your picture) on my fb page if I linked my fans to your blog??? thanks!

  3. Donna says

    I am hesitant to try this because every time I put chicken breasts in my crock pot for that amount of time it dries out horribly. I find that it’s usually done after 2 hours on low! However, I’d love for you to try this version of orange chicken that I came up with. I combined the old crock pot orange chicken recipe that was floating around pinterest for a while (and I believe it’s also on your blog) with the baked sweet and sour chicken – except I use frozen popcorn chicken because when I flour chunks of chicken breasts, it just doesn’t come out the same.

  4. Dana Paliotta says

    hmmm, this looks really yummo! i wonder, how many chicken tenders might make up one breast…i find i like using the tenders because they’re, well, tenderer!


  5. SH says

    I just made this for my husband, 7 year old, and 4 year old last night and they loved it! i didnt have any soy sauce so I substituted A1 sauce and it worked great! Everyone at work today is commenting on how good my leftovers smell. Love this one and will definitely be making it again. Quick, easy, and GOOD!!

    • Tory says

      I’m cooking this today also, but mine has a bunch if white blobs in it. Like maybe chicken grease or something. Did anyone else have this problem? Maybe it’s my chicken.

  6. Stephanie S says

    Orange chicken is a huge hit in our house, especially for me if its I the crock pot. I’m curious what kind of orange marmalade do you use. We tried some before that was not good at all.

  7. kate says

    Disappointing ! I used the Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce and a name brand orange marmalade. The sauce tasted good before going into the crock pot and we were really looking forward to this meal. It tasted ho-hum. The sauce got very thin in the cooking time and had a faint orange taste and that was about it.

  8. kate says

    Disappointing ! I used Sweet Baby Ray’s and a name brand orange marmalade. The sauce tasted good before going into the crock pot and we were really looking forward to this meal. The sauce got very thin in the cooking process , a faint orange taste and that was about it.

  9. Cynthia says

    I made this for dinner today. My sauce was thin after cooking, so I thickened it up with some cornstarch. As for the flavor, it was pretty gross. It tasted just like you’d expect orange marmalade and barbecue sauce to taste: like oranges mixed with barbecue sauce. It was not a good combination. I guess I’m going back to searching for an orange chicken recipe.

    • Wendy says

      Unfortunately this was my experience as well. The chicken came out great- moist, but the flavor was not good… My kids usually love my cooking. They wouldn’t eat it. My 12 year old was so afraid of hurting my feelings he just said he wasn’t hungry. I didn’t buy it and when I pressed him he got teary- eyed and said it smelled and tasted bad. For me, it was just too sweet, but not in a good way.

  10. quin says

    We were out of rice, so I made this today and served it as a sandwich. Definitely going to save this as a slider recipe for entertaining! Yummy and easy to make! I used store brand marmalade and Sweet Baby Rays. I tried to make a southwestern meal out of this, so we served it with cheddar cheese on a toasted bun, with onion rings on the side.

  11. Lisa says

    I made this today and neither of us thought it was anything special. It was edible, but the chicken was actually a little dry, sauce was thin, flavor was nothing to write home about.

  12. Corina says

    Nice quick recipe. I didn’t have marmalade so I used peach preserves. I increased the soy sauce, because I don’t like it too sweet and added sriracha to give it more spice. I made my own BBQ sauce easily, so I could have more control over the sugar content. I thought it turned out great. I served it over broken jasmine rice which is my current fav.

    Cooking time was faster than originally written, but this may be because I used thawed chicken.

  13. Jennie says

    I was hesitant to try this, given the 2 star rating, but was pleasantly surprised it came out nicely. I think I might pump up the orange marmalade and soy sauce a bit, as it was definitely more bbq-tasting than anything else. Still, my 3 yr old and 18 month old gobbled it up, which is a hit in my book :)

  14. Megan says

    Made this last night! Cut the recipe in half for just two of us & it was phenomenal! I’ve been looking for a quick & easy orange chicken recipe with no luck, but this was absolutely delicious! I love your blogs & recipes! Will definitely make this again! Thank you!!

  15. Taylor says

    Made this last night and it was good! It was a little too orangy for me but my fiancé loved it! I shredded the chicken and we made sandwiches out of if! Super easy and good!

  16. Amy says

    Gonna make this for a Crockpot Freezer Meal Party my friend is hosting! I was glad to find something unique and tasty that I could buy in bulk without so many ingredients. Thanks!

  17. Lisa says

    I made this recipe just as it is stated, just to see how it will turn out. My boyfriend, I and roommate all agree it is amazing. I used regular sweet baby rays. My boyfriend added hot sauce to his for a little kick. I will be making this again soon.

  18. Lauren says

    Made this last night and it came out just awful. The smell while cooking was bizarre, but I was hoping it wouldn’t taste that way… It did. I am a lover off all things BBQ, especially sweet baby rays, but this tasted just like what it was…. BBQ sauce with marmalade in it. I took my chicken out at 2.5 hours, and even then it was VERY dry. Less cooking time, less marmalade and more soy may improve this recipe but I don’t think we’ll be trying again. Hubby humored me and ate it, I could not. We tossed the left overs….

  19. Shana says

    Cooked this today in hopes to eat it for dinner tonight and have some for lunches during the week at work. Tried a little bit after letting it cook for 4 hours and it wasn’t that great. Disappointed in myself for not reading the reviews before trying it. Sauce was too thin and smelled weird, I did exactly like what the recipe says to do.

  20. Julie G says

    Had seen other recipes for Orange chicken in the Crock pot but they all say to cook the chicken and add the other stuff 1/2 hr before serving. Your recipe was so moist and delicious. Made it today for my Husband and 11 year old. Served it with fried rice and egg rolls. Total hit in our house!!! Will definitely save this for future use.

    P.s, I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce and it rocked!!!

  21. Leah says

    This was awesome! my husband is a picky eater and enjoyed it immensely I actually completely overlooked the shredding part and just served it as whole chicken breasts, worked out perfectly. My only worry was that my crock is a bit hotter than the average as the chicken was not as juicy as I had hoped but I will simply put it in for less time next time i make it :)

  22. Jessica S says

    I am not sure why this recipe got so many negative reviews. I made this as a freezer meal and finally tried it out earlier this week. It is great! I added some red chili peppers before freezing and a little more a little before it was finished cooking. I don’t use chicken breast in crockpot recipes if I can help it…so chicken thighs were used. I find that chicken breasts dry out easier and my family enjoys the rich fat that melts off the thighs.
    My whole family loved this recipe and we served it with rice. A little cornstarch thickened up the sauce. We have another batch of this in the crockpot right now!! I plan on serving it with spaghetti noodles-kind of like an Asian style noodle dish. yum!

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