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No Bake Reese’s Fudge Bars

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If you Love Fudge and Reese’s you are going to LOVE these!!! It is the perfect mixture of the two!  These bars are one of the easiest things to make and they turn out delicious!

No Bake Reese’s Fudge Bars


22 individual Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (regular size), unwrapped -16 for the bottom and 6      crumbled on the top

3 cups chocolate chips

1 (14 ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk


Line a 9×9” pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. Place the peanut butter cups in an even layer on the bottom of the pan. (You should use 16 on the bottom)

Place chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk in a medium saucepan over low heat. Stir until chips and milk are melted together.
Once everything is melted together, spread evenly over peanut butter cups in prepared pan. Immediately sprinkle with the crumbled Reese’s, pressing them lightly into the fudge. Cool until firm. I like to cool the fudge on the counter until it’s room temperature, then cover with plastic and place in the refrigerator to harden completely. Cut into squares and serve.

Adapted from Crazy for Crust

Supplies Needed for this Recipe:
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Sweetened Condensed Milk
9×9 Baking Pan

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  1. says

    I made these today to bring to a dinner at a friends house and they were a huge hit! I used semi sweet chips since it wasn’t mentioned but I did see the comment where you mentioned milk chocolate! They were delicious and the recipe was so easy! I seriously try your recipes all the time and am NEVER disappointed!

      • Heather Holloway says

        I made mine and they never hardened either. THey have been in fridge for 5hrs now and more liquidy than when I started.

        • Tiff says

          The reason may be that your using the wrong milk. There is a huge difference between condensed and evaporated. Condensed is like molasses in consistency and evaporated is more like oil. If you don’t use the condensed it will be runny.

  2. Penny Manning says

    Instead of six sisters, you should call yourselves the sick sisters. This will totally ruin my diet but I am definitely going to make it. YUMMY!

  3. Ahren Christopherson says

    Goofy question…how do YOU crumble the reese’s peanut butter cups? Freeze them and chop them up later or what? :) I hope to make this very soon! Thanks!

  4. Laurie Krotz says

    I made these with dark chocolate chips and they were awesome!! I might try the opposite next time…dark chocolate Reese’s with milk chocolate chips!!

  5. Laurie Krotz says

    I made these with dark chocolate chips and they were awesome!! Next time I think I will try the opposite..dark chocolate Reese’s with milk chocolate chips!!

  6. Grandmaj says

    why do you leave the paper on the reeses cups…i would think u need to take them off b4 baking. Please let me know as I want to make these tomorrow….girls at work are begging me to bring these in

    • Cyd says

      We didn’t leave the paper on. For sure take the paper off before preparing. These are no bake. So easy and you will love them! Hope the girls at work enjoy them!! -The Six Sisters

  7. Jane says

    I can’t wait to get recipes and start cooking. My 16 year old granddaughter is visiting from the south.

  8. Veronica M says

    Just made these last night and they were a HUGE hit. They are the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jenny D (Mother of four) says

    My kids ADORE these. I saw the recipe this morning and scraped together the items from my pantry and they rocked. I didn’t have an 8 x 8 so I used a 9 x 9 silicone pan, and since it was bigger, I needed more chocolate for the fudgey part. I didn’t have condensed milk so I used 1/2 a cup of 2% and 2T of sugar. I also only had one bag of chocolate chips so I used three 2 oz squares of baker’s chocolate and added an extra T of sugar. There still wasn’t enough delicious-ness to cover the cups, so I melted a cup of peanut butter in the microwave and marbled it into the melted chocolate around the cups. It turned out SOOOOOO amazing. And it only took a few minutes!

    I was also thinking this could be done with kit-kats, M&M’s, malted milk balls… pretty much anything (or even a mix of a few… M&M’s and pretzels, perhaps???).

    Thanks so much for the great idea!

  10. Cheryl M says

    Cannot wait to try these. Having our grown children and an 8 month old grandson to our cabin in the California Sequoia mountians this weekend and this will be dessert Saturday evening. That is if it lasts until after dinner. Thanks Six Sisters for all the great recipes. You 6 remind me of my own 3 sisters in that you all clearly love each other. Thanks again!!!!

  11. Jen says

    Omw!! I needed something fast and impressive for a last minute picnic and these were a HIT!! Came together in five minutes. Kids got the cups ready and I melted the other ingredients, threw it in the fridge and it was DONE! My k

  12. Jen says

    Omw!! I needed something fast and impressive for a last minute picnic and these were a HIT!! Came together in five minutes. Kids got the cups ready and I melted the other ingredients, threw it in the fridge and it was DONE! My kids raved about it. So many possibilities and variations. Thanks !!

  13. Alicia Kissel says

    I know why you say 22 PB cups…. Because you buy them in packages of 8, which means you need three packs, and there are two left over for you to enjoy while you’re waiting for the fudge to set! Ha ha ha. Love the recipe!!!

  14. Christine says

    Random question. I have never made any kind of fudge before. What size pan would I use to make this?

  15. Heather says

    Wow! I decided to make these to include with a meal I was making for a friend who loves chocolate and reeses cups. I quickly decided I must make a batch to keep at home too. I got a text 30 minutes after I dropped the food off about how delicious the fudge was. Then I came home and tried it myself. It is amazing! What an easy but very delicious dessert! I used semi sweet chocolate chips. Also didn’t have a 9×9 pan so I used my 8×8. It worked well. Had to cut a few reeses in half and fill in a few holes and I used a few extra reeses cups for the topping. I will definitely make this again and again.

  16. jk says

    made these over the weekend, OMG – absolutely delicious! Added chopped pecans over the reese cups and also in the melted chocolate spread. Did put them in the freezer for a couple of hours so they cut much easier. Warning – cut in small size as these are so delicious & rich. Also chopped up the 2nd night and crumbled over ice cream….Thank you for a great recipe I’ll be using for family gatherings.

  17. Alli Miller @ Cupcake Diaries says

    I’m crying a river of happy tears over here! Not sure if I can ever do enough to thank you for bringing this recipe into my life!! :)

  18. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design says

    These look AMAZING!!! Just sent my husband to Sam’s Club to buy a giant box of reeses cups- I’m making this tomorrow night! Thanks for the recipe!

  19. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design says

    Update: made them; love them! My kids and husband are dying over these too. Great recipe!

  20. Kristin says

    How long will these keep for? I am planning on bringing them to a BBQ on saturday but don’t have time to make them tomorrow or sat. Was going to make them tonight. Will they stay fresh until sat?

  21. linda says

    How many bars did you cut per batch? I usually cut fudge into small pieces, but your picture makes them look more the size of brownies.

  22. Carrie says

    I have made these twice now with the same results – everyone LOVED them!! I’m making a triple batch this weekend for a potluck.

  23. Julie C says

    I just made these for my nephew and his fiance. My nephew returned from a semester in Spain not that long ago and apparently they don’t have Reese’s in Spain and he has missed them! He will flip when he gets these (and so will his fiance). He is 6′ 8″ so I’d like to see the flip :) Thanks for the recipe. I did sample them, like any good baker does, and they are delicious!

  24. Rosanne Smith says

    I made these for my husband today. He loves chocolate and peanut butter so I know he’ll love these! Of course I had to have the first bite just to test them :)

  25. Nancy Edwards says

    I made these today and they were wonderful! I’m wondering why there isn’t vanilla extract included in the recipe. Is that because of the conflict with the peanut butter flavor? Thanks so much for this incredible recipe.

  26. Lisa says

    I am wanting to make these as gifts for Christmas. After they have set do they need to be kept in the fridge or will they be ok if left in a container for a couple of days? I was worried they would get to soft once taken out of the fridge.

  27. Elizabeth says

    I am going to make these tomorrow and a different batch with peanut butter snickers! Do you think I could even do a batch with peppermint patties?

  28. Cynthia says

    Has anyone tried making these with the minature Reese’s Peanut Butter cups? Not the mini’s but the 2-bite ones. I have a pantry full of them but no regular size and I really don’t feel like running to the store. I would suspect it would work out fine if I have enough, but I was wondering if anyone has tried?

    • Cyd says

      16 of the peanut butter cups line the pan. The other 6 are crumbled on top. There is a picture of it if you scroll down on the recipe post.

  29. Diane says

    I had no problem with the bars hardening. I use semi sweet and dark chocolate because that is what I had on hand. The bars taste wonderful but next time I will use 24 Reese’s on the bottom instead of 16 to fully cover the 8×8 pan. All the young people that had a chance to eat it at a potluck rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

  30. wendyb964 says

    Ohhh, these look wicked good! Will def. make for the holidays. My grown kids will go nuts (sorry.) If there are any in my house they will be glued to my aptly-named muffin top. Thanks.

  31. Katie Kerkvliet says

    I have a bag of bite-sized Reese’s peanut butter cups to use up…do you think the recipe would work if I used those?

    • Cyd says

      The bottom of the pan needs to be completely lined with reese’s and then some saved for the top. They should work fine if you have enough of them! :)

  32. Angela says

    I just made these today and the chocolate is not completely hardening. It’s almost like a thick pudding. I have seen a few other posts as well, do you know what causes this so I don’t make that mistake again? TIA

  33. M says

    I just made these, really simple to make. About how long does it take for the fudge bars to hardened? Mine are still soft, of course they’ve only been in the fridge for an hour, hopefully after a few hours, the fudge will harden up like other fudges.. thanks for sharing!

  34. Dyane says

    Oh I can’t wait to make these! Cyd, do you know why some people can’t get theirs to harden? I make a LOT of six sisters recipes and never have a problem. I’m more of a dinner cook, then a baker and I don’t want to mess this yummyness up =P

    • Cyd says

      Some people really have a hard time with this recipe, and then we get comments from other viewers saying how easy the Reese’s fudge bars were and they make them all the time now. Crossing my fingers for you!!!! :) (We love these reese’s bars!)

  35. Pat says

    I made these yesterday for Christmas. The chocolate was thick so I added about a tablespoon of cream. I used the mini cups and a 9×9 pan. Worked great, can’t wait to try them!

  36. Vicki says

    I made these for Christmas – they were fantastic! Everyone loved them! I didn’t have an 9″ x 9″ pan, so I used an 8″ x 8″ and the regular sized cups fit perfectly without any modifications. Will definitely be making these again.

    • Vicki says

      I just wanted to add that I didn’t have any issues with the consistency of the chocolate. The fudge bars set up as expected.

  37. Margo says

    Hate to be a Debbie Downer here, because these do sound amazing. I just question the need for “No-Bake” in the title of this recipe. I have been making fudge for 30 years and I have yet to bake a batch of fudge. Fudge is a candy and it is made on the stovetop. Change the name and I’ll be one of the ones sharing this all around facebook and pinterest.

    • Cyd says

      It’s listed right under the picture with the reese’s peanut butter cups in the pan – 3 cups of chocolate chips.

  38. Kaiann says

    Why are people having so much trouble with this “recipe”? Just read the directions. 9 by 9 pan, sweetened condensed milk, and why would you think it would be okay to leave the paper cups on????

  39. Julie Ann Fralick says

    Thank you so much for this amazing recipe!!! I made it for the 1st time today and it turned out just perfect!! It sure looks like it was a lot more work then it was and love the no bake especially on a hot day like 2day. I found the snack size 10 packs of Reeses at the dollar store here in Canada for $2.00 that helped make it me save on the cost as well. Thanks!!! I will be making this again for sure!!! Huge hit!!!!

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