Have a favorite recipe? Share it & make some money with MyRecipeMagic.com!

Have you ever wanted to work from home but weren’t sure how to do it? 
Or maybe you have great family recipes, but the thought of starting a recipe blog 
seems so overwhelming . . .
Well, we have exactly what you are looking for!
Many of you know that we have started a new website:
I wanted to share a little bit about why we started it and  
how YOU can use it as a part-time income
 . . . bear with me while I get personal!
A couple of years ago, when the economy tanked, our fifty-year-old dad found himself taking a huge cut in pay. Suddenly our family found themselves between and rock and a hard place when it came to making ends meet. It was hard to see your incredibly smart and talented father with so much experience and so much schooling under his belt have such a difficult time finding employment.
During that time, I made the hardest decision of my life- to be a stay-at-home mom and leave the workforce. I had a successful job with a great company, but I knew that I wanted to be home with my children (after some infertility issues, I wanted to make every second count). My husband had just been accepted into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program and we knew that we were going to have to take out hefty student loans for him to attend school. Well, since I was going to be staying at home, I knew that I could find some ways to contribute to our family’s income through online work. I did surveys (which paid me pennies- literally), secret shopping for different companies (they didn’t pay much either), and even ran a very successful eBay store for 5 years.
While I was up to my eyeballs in my eBay store, my sister Elyse presented the idea to us of starting a blog with all the sisters. I had a small family blog, but had no idea that people used blogs to share recipes or crafts. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to the crazy world of blogging! At first, we used our blog to mostly stay in touch with each other, but suddenly we realized that people from around the world were finding our blog and the numbers just kept growing!
Fast forward to today- our blog now employs each of the sisters, our parents, and about 21 other people. It is a full-fledged company and a HUGE blessing in our lives. Remember how our sweet dad was barely making enough money to support our family? Well, this blog has turned all of our lives around and now he is employed by his daughters. With his knowledge and expertise, we have turned our blog into what it is today (he really is the brains behind this operation).
We never knew that there was so much opportunity for regular gals like us to turn something we do everyday (cook for our families) into a money-making career. However, it didn’t just happen overnight- we didn’t make a penny for the first 6 months we blogged. But we stuck with it because we had big dreams of making enough money to help with the monthly bills or pay for the groceries each week. Fortunately, there were six sisters and two very supportive parents who could all work together to make it happen. As we got going, we started throwing around the idea of making a website where ANYONE could come and share their recipes and make some money. We felt so blessed to be able to stay at home and wanted other people in our same situation to be able to do the same.
And just like that, MyRecipeMagic was born!
It took many months and tens of thousands of dollars for programmers, designers, marketing teams, legal teams, accountants, and us to get the website to where to wanted it to be. We finally feel that it’s up and running and READY for YOU!
The website officially launched in January and the numbers are climbing everyday. Right now, the site has a tens of thousands of hits per day, but the goal is to get it up to a couple hundred thousand hits a day. If you add some recipes, you will see an increase in your income as MyRecipeMagic grows larger and larger.
So how exactly would you make money from MyRecipeMagic?
It’s pretty simple (anyone can do it!):
Head over to MyRecipeMagic.
Over on right side will be be “LOGIN“. Click on that to get signed up. Once you have made an account, you can add a picture and every time you visit My Recipe Magic,
your little pic will show up. :)
Once you are all logged in, you can start adding your recipes! Click on the Add Recipe button.
It will then pull up the “Add A Recipe!” page!
(The arrows give my explanation of what each item is for.)
Once it’s submitted, one of our people will go through the recipe and make sure it makes sense, calculate the nutrition facts, and check for anything else. Your recipe will usually be published within 24-48 hours!
As soon as it’s published, they will send you an email and you can check it your recipe by clicking on “My Recipes”.
You will then see your dashboard with all the info about your recipes, how many views each recipe has received, how much money you have earned, etc.
And yes, I totally have my own account separate from SixSisters and I share even more of my favorite recipes! So far I have put on 5 recipes and I have made $5.07! :) The only promoting I have done was one pin on Pinterest, so that’s not too shabby! Easiest money I have made in a while!
But, think of the potential you have with each recipe if you promote them!
Share it with your friends on Facebook, email your family, tweet about it on Twitter, and definitely pin it on Pinterest. Invite your friends and family to share it on Pinterest and Facebook; any way to get more people to look at your recipe. More page views = more money!
If you click on “My Dashboard“, it will show you where your traffic is coming from. Someone must have seen my recipe and pinned it on Pinterest because I had a huge spike in traffic from that.
There are so many other features to MyRecipeMagic, but we will share them all on another day. :)
Even if you don’t want to share your recipes, you will find THOUSANDS of delicious recipes at MyRecipeMagic.com that your family will love.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How long does it take to enter a recipe?
The first time I did it, it almost took me 10 minutes. However, after entering my 5th recipe, I can do it in about 5 minutes.

2. How many recipes can you share?
As many as you like! Put all your recipes out there!

3. How much money will you really make?
We are estimating that you will make about $3 per recipe per month (as long as you do a little promoting). So, if you put in 25 recipes, that is an extra $75 for you each month. The great thing is once you put a recipe into our database, you will make money on it for as long as you live! Month after month after month . . .

4. How do you make money to pay people for their recipes?
If you look at MyRecipeMagic, you will see there is an advertisement at the top of the page, two in the sidebars, and one at the bottom. Those ads are what generate the money to pay you. The more page views your ads get, the more you will get paid.

5. How do you pay out each month?
When you sign up for MyRecipeMagic, you enter in your email address that is connected to your PayPal account. All payments are safely issued through PayPal.

6. Do I have to have a blog to share my recipes?
NO! In fact, most of the people on MyRecipeMagic are not bloggers. It’s the perfect place for anyone to share their favorite recipes.

7. If I am a blogger, how does MyRecipeMagic help me?
In so many ways! It creates backlinks to your site, increasing your SEO. It drives traffic back to your site by having people click over to view the directions to the recipe. It will help people find you that may have never found you before. Plus, the extra money never hurt anyone! :)

8. How do you make your pictures look good?
We love a free program called PicMonkey. It is incredible user-friendly, automatically touches up your pictures, and lets you add text to each image. You will have to check it out!

Do you have any other questions?
Feel free to email us at info@myrecipemagic.com. 
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  1. says

    I started using MyRecipeMagic after coming home from BYBC, and I love it. I’m embarrassed to admit that I never thought of pinning my recipes from there. Duh. I’ll start ASAP. Thanks for the tip!

  2. says

    Hello ladies! I’ve been adding my recipes to My Recipe Magic for a little over a week now and I love it! I always add the ‘Magic’ button to my recipes and I added the pink chef’s hat to my sidebar! I’d like to know how to promote my recipes with Pinterest, Facebook and by emails. Suggestions please.

    Thanks for creating this site for us recipe gals/guys!

    • says

      Shauna, we have a legal team that works for us and the legalities of recipes are interesting! You actually cannot copyright a recipe. You can copyright the way you write up the directions for the recipe in a printed book, but that is it. The ingredients cannot be copyrighted. What I would do is write the directions in your own words and if possible, rename the recipe or change the title (make it your own). If you do those things, you will be completely fine. Of course, pictures can be copyrighted, so make sure to use your own picture. :)

      • Michelle P. says

        I just discovered my recipe magic TODAY. May 6, 2014. How wonderful of a site! Have been wanting to do something from home that will make a little “change”. So to be clear. A lot of my recipes I find in magazines and such. Can I use those? Sometimes I will change something, or leave out an ingredient. But most of the time I follow it to the T. Read your reply to someone elses question. As long as we change the title/name & re-write the directions, and take own pics .. we are ok? We can use the exact ingredients listed? Also do I need to credit them if I do all this. A lot of my recipes come from Taste of Home magazine, and of course they have a site… Also if I use a recipe that I make from a blog, is it the same terms? And do I credit them? Hope this make sense. Thanks!

    • says

      That is great to know! I always wondered about the legality of using others’ recipes. I tend to give credit where credit is due, but I am always afraid I will get in hot water! I plan to get on MRM tonight!

  3. says

    I’ve been loving my recipe magic. I don’t get NEARLY the number of page views that you do. But I’ve been trying to promote some of my recipes on twitter and I have a “My Recipe Magic” page on my pinterest as well. Hopefully in time I’ll make more than a penny a day :)
    Thanks for creating this awesome website – LOVE IT!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, this is such a wonderful idea! I’m almost in tears. Thanks so much for your generosity. I’m about ready to give my notice at a job where there is so much bullying and verbal abuse gong on; I just can’t take it anymore. My health is suffering, and I’m sooo stressed. I do have other income as a freelance writer, but it doesn’t make much. Your awesome new site will help. Thanks again. I’ll be uploading my recipes and checking out all the other recipes soon!

    Tracy, aka Screaming Sardine

  5. says

    I love your story! What an amazing family, and it’s so great that you get to be a Mom at home while your kids are young. They do grow up FAST! My daughter and I have our cooking blog that is so much fun and we have been with my recipe magic from the beginning…we are loving it! Thanks so much!!

  6. says

    I am a “cooker” and a baker and I LOVE this idea…I can’t wait to get started…thank you for sharing your know-how with us, yes my family is struggling with this economy, and to think that just by sharing my favorite recipe I can generate some income to my family is just a dream come ture, thatnk you for this wonderful opportunity…Maria

  7. Ray says

    Hi, just wondering is $3 per recipe paid out every month contineously? Or conditions apply?
    Can u get paid more than $3 per recipe or is that fixed?
    Can Chefs/Restaurant owners take any of the ideas, as im afraid to share a family Secret Recipe and see others take advantage of it and enjoy the credit, please advice?
    Is there a joining fee to join Recipe Magic? Or any ongoing costs/fees?
    Do you do tax invoices/ statements?
    How do u get paid to promote our recipes?
    If u could plz give response.
    Thank u for ur time.

    • Scott says

      Hi Ray,

      The payout on recipes is based on how many views they get. Right now it is about $1 per 1,000 views. So there is no limit to how much you can earn. It is more a function of how well your recipes are liked and viewed by our users. A recipe you publish on My Recipe Magic has the same copy right restrictions as a recipe published in a magazine or cookbook. There are no costs or fees to participate. We pay through Paypal. Any Chef earning more than $600 in a year will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year. We get paid by advertisers and we share that revenue with you.

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