Chocolate Raspberry Crepes

My husband LOVES Crepes and Chocolate! We have been trying harder to eat healthier but still enjoy a little snack every now and again! I made these for our usual Sunday Snack and it was a huge hit with everyone!!!!

For the Crepes:

1 cup white four
2 eggs (or 4 Egg Whites)
1/2 cup low fat milk
1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp of salt
2 Tablespoons of melted butter

Heat frying pan on medium heat.

Whisk flour, eggs, water and milk together in a large mixing bowl. Add salt and butter. Continue mixing until the lumps have disappeared

Spray a small amount of non-stick cooking spray onto pan. Next drop 1/4 cup of mixture onto the heated pan. Right after mixture is poured on, pick up the pan quickly and tilt in a circular motion. You want the mixture as thin as possible and to cover the whole pan. Cook for about 2 minutes on the first side – flip – then 1 minute on the second side.

Ingredients for the filling:

Chocolate Pudding Mix

Low fat Milk
1/2 cup of frozen raspberries
Make the pudding as directed on the box. When it is done setting up add your raspberries and mix well. The raspberries will fall apart… which is just fine because you will have more raspberry flavor in each bite!
Next spoon your filling on each crepe. Add as much or as little filling as you want!
Then sprinkle the top with powdered sugar (optional)
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    I wish you would consider selecting the “full text” option in settings for your RSS feeds rather than excerpts. That way I could see the beautiful pictures with the feed rather than having to go back and forth between the feed and the website to see what the recipe looks like.

  2. says

    How wonderful! As a matter of fact, I’d made crepes earlier this morning before going online….it’s a small world! mine were just plain ol’ applesauce filling but this sounds even better. Next time!!

    Thank you for sharing with the rest of us! Always great to see creative minds at work. :)

    Visiting from Take A Look Tue @ Sugar Bee Crafts linky party
    Suz @MaytagNMom
    NW Illinois
    Link To My Party Project This Week

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