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How many times have you loaded the back of your car, only to end up with dirty, wet pants? Honestly, I have done it too many times to count! I always get so frustrated – and have never seen a solution – until now! The brilliant Bumper Blankets create a water-resistant barrier between you and your bumper. With Bumper Blankets, you can easily load your trunk without ever dirtying your pants again!

Bumper Blankets work perfectly for SUVs, minivans, crossovers, hatchbacks, and sedans. The soft, durable, water-resistant fabric is high-quality and easy to care for. It easily attaches to the floor of your vehicle. When you are loading or unloading, just unfold the blanket over your bumper. When you’re finished loading, you can easily fold it up, roll it up, or throw it over your cargo. Not only is it simple, easy to use, and convenient, but it even prevents unwanted scratches on your bumper when you’re loading cargo!


Bumper blankets come in two different sizes and tons of cute patterns and colors.

Our sister Camille was given the chance to try out a Bumper Blanket for herself . . .

She has a small crossover vehicle and with three kids in carseats, it’s easiest for the child that sits in the back to just climb to her seat through the back. But every time she climbs to up to get in the car, she gets her pants filthy dirty (gotta love Utah winters and all that salt and sand on the roads!).

Camille loved that the blanket attached to the floor of the car with a Velcro-like material, so Brynlee didn’t pull the blanket down as she climbed up. It kept her pants from getting super dirty. After Brynlee climbed in, she just pulled the blanket up behind her and before she jumped out, she threw the blanket back down. No more dirty pants (just a very happy mom!)!
Camille also loved that she could throw her stroller with muddy wheels on top of the bumper blanket and it protected her car from getting gross.

Can’t wait to get your own?!

Use the coupon code “sixsisters” to take 20% off your purchase! Offer valid through March 13th at www.BumperBlankets.com.
You can enter up to 3 times using Rafflecopter.
The winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 13th.
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