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As mothers, we are constantly being pulled in different directions. There is housework, schoolwork, projects, church groups, book clubs, and a million other things to do.  It is easy to look at other people’s profiles and blogs, and think “their life is perfect – what I am doing wrong!?” The truth is, nobody has the picture-perfect life, and focusing on the what we don’t have only brings us down. The trick is learning to enjoy the little moments of being a mother – and growing through those experiences.
We are so excited to introduce this week’s giveaway from the Power of Moms.  We have always been huge fans of their work – we love the way they focus on helping mothers (like us) realize the powerful role we play in the lives of so many. Power of Moms is “a gathering place for deliberate mothers,” and it’s designed to help moms grow through motherhood instead of simply going through motherhood.
With daily posts, podcasts, videos, and a variety of online programs, Power of Moms (as one mom described it), helps moms move forward . . . instead of going in circles (because the cute moms who run the site definitely know how that feels!).
The site is managed by April Perry, Saren Loosli, and more than 40 volunteers, and they host in-person Retreats around the United States (and recently Australia). Their whole goal is to strengthen mothers and families by providing professional training, inspiration, and support to any mom who really wants to thrive.
A few months ago, Power of Moms published a post called “Your Children Want YOU!” that received more than a million hits in just a couple of days. The author of the post and co-founder of the site, April Perry, had written about the feelings of inadequacy she felt when she saw all the beautiful things on Pinterest and within social media (we know how that feels!). While our families definitely benefit from beautiful meals, colorful decor, and creative crafts, it’s important for us to strike the right balance in our lives.
 Because at the end of the day, it’s our families who matter most. 
As a special gift to the Six Sisters’ Stuff Community, Power of Moms is doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY of one of their most successful programs.
To help moms more fully find that balance between family, work, social media, and all the extra, beautiful stuff we want to bring into our lives, they’ve created a program called Mind Organization for Moms. It sells for $50, but Power of Moms is giving away 200 FREE Mind Organization for Moms programs!

Take advantage of this offer from Power of Moms today –
(Once Power of Moms has given away the maximum number of programs, they’ll post an additional free offer . . . so everyone’s a winner this week!).
The winner of the Hookease and Wedgease is:
Please contact us within 48 hours to claim your prize!
SixSistersStuff {at} gmail {dot} com
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