8 Week "Get Healthy" Challenge

Like many of you, we make a resolution each new year to lose weight. Last year, we came up with an 8 Week Challenge (similar to the Lifetime Wellness Challenge) that we did with our family and we had a BLAST! We are a pretty competitive family by nature, so this competition was right up our alley!
Fast forward to now . . . so much has happened in a year! Three of the sisters have had babies and we want to get our bodies back in shape! We started talking about doing the challenge again, but we were seriously lacking the enthusiasm. Then we started brainstorming about inviting some of our readers to do it with us . . . within MINUTES of posting it on Facebook, we had over 1,000 join our Facebook group. It was unreal!!!
So, we are in it to win it! Let’s do this!!!
I don’t know if you know what you are up against. :)
We would LOVE to have you join us . . .
1. Join our Facebook Group: 8 Week “Get Healthy” Challenge
3. Start with us on Monday, January 7th, 2013, as we commit to making healthier choices and lose some weight! Invite family, friends, and co-workers to join in the fun!
Basically, this challenge breaks it down by individual weeks. You can earn points by doing healthy things, such as exercising, not eating sweets, drinking water, eating fruits and veggies, etc. At the end of each week, you tally up your points and weigh yourself (you get LOTS of points for every pound that you lose). If you want to make it really fun, have everyone who does the challenge pay a small amount of money to enter. At the end of the 8 weeks, the person who lost the most weight gets half of the money and the other half goes to the person who earned the most points.
Other Information and Frequently Asked Questions:
-This is an 8-Week Challenge that starts on a Monday (you pick what Monday to start on)
-Decide an amount that each person pays to enter the challenge (we did $25 a person)
-There is a weekly point calendar for each of the 8 weeks. You earn points by eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, etc… It’s not just for weight loss!
-Beginning on Week #2 there is a double point challenge (highlighted in yellow)
-You can exercise each day, but you will only receive points for exercising 5 days a week.
-You can choose to not each sugar/treats each day, but you will only receive points for not eating sugar on 6 days (everyone needs a free day!).
-There is a sample food journal that you can use or you can use your own kind of food journal to keep track of what you eat.
Weight yourself anytime each Sunday and tally up all points by 9 PM. Make sure that you weight yourself under the same circumstances each week (for example: Morning/Night, Empty/Full stomach)
Choose someone in your challenge who will be the one you send a weekly email/text to with your totally weekly points and totally weight loss points for the week. They will have to keep track of everyone’s points and then have them send out an email or text with everyone’s standings on Mondays. We said that all points had to be emailed/texted by midnight on Sunday. If you didn’t send an email/text by that time, you received no points for that week. So each week you will send in 3 numbers: Your weekly points, you weight lost for the week, and your total points for that week.
Daily contact with teammate: It’s amazing the strength that comes from encouragement from your teammates! We decided as a team that you could email, call, or text someone on your team to encourage them to have a healthy day. It helps knowing that you are all in this together and makes you accountable for what you do or don’t do.
Example of weight loss points: You will get 5 points for maintaining your lowest previous weight AND 10 points for each whole pound. For instance, if you gained weight, you will report 0 points AND you don’t get any weight loss OR maintenance points in future weeks until you return to the lowest weight you had already achieved. If you maintained your previous lowest weight, you report 5 points. If you lost 1 pound, you would get 5 points for maintaining plus 10 points for that pound, so you would report 15 points.
Cash prize money will be divided equally between the person who loses the largest percentage of weight and the person who has the most total weekly points.
Other questions: 
1. How many people do you need to do this challenge?
You can include as many people as you like! You could even just challenge yourself and use this as a guideline!
2. What defines a “sugary treat”?
You can decide as a group what your you will include as a sugary treat. We made a list of things we thought were treats and then everyone was on the same page.
Good luck!!! We wish you all the best!


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  1. says

    For the grand prize – the person with the largest percentage of weight lost and the person who has the most total weekly points. Total weekly points is that the Grand Total for the week? or just the points from the week (what I call healthy points)?

    • says

      We actually did 2 Grand Prizes (each winner got half of the money). One was the largest percentage of weight loss and the other was the person who had the most points from all 8 weeks combined. I hope that makes sense! :) You can do it however is easiest for you though! :)

    • Cyd says

      You get points for weight loss, so those points were included with the weekly points. Everyone will lose at different rates depending on how much they need to lose. So those not needing to lose as much weight can still earn points by following the point system. It’s a lot of “healthy fun”.

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