Crock Pot Nut Clusters

One of the hardest things for me is to find gifts for all my neighbors. I was looking for something to make in my slow cooker and I came across these Crock Pot Nut Clusters! I remember my mom used to make them all the time when we were little and I was so excited to give these a try! I couldn’t believe how simple they were! I will be making these again for the rest of the neighbors!
Crock Pot Nut Clusters

2 pounds white chocolate almond bark, broken into small pieces
1 pound milk chocolate almond bark, broken into small pieces
3 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy bars, broken into small pieces
32-ounce container dry roasted peanuts, lightly salted
16-ounce container whole almonds

Turn slow cooker on high and add all the ingredients.
Cook for 45 minutes (don’t peek or stir).
Stir after you have cooked it for 45 minutes. Reduce heat to low and cook one hour, stirring until all chocolate is melted. (It was hard to stir really well in my crock pot so I dumped everything into a large mixing bowl)
Spoon mixture into miniature muffin liners. Store in an airtight container or place on trays for holiday gifts.

Makes about 150 small nut clusters

Next time I’m not going to put as many nuts and add raisins at the end! I LOVE chocolate covered raisins just as much as I love nuts!!!!

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