DIY Crown Moulding Picture Frames- Lowe’s $50 and Change Project Giveaway

I had so many DIY projects that I have been meaning to do that I didn’t know where to start. One thing that I have always wanted to do is make some huge frames to put on a big empty wall in my front room. I have always loved the large decorative frames that you can purchase, but they usually come with a hefty price tag. I decided that I could make my own using some of the gorgeous crown moulding from Lowe’s for much less than what you would pay if you bought one.
I headed over to Lowe’s to check out all their crown moulding options . . . holy cow! They had tons!!! I chose a piece of crown moulding that was 4 1/4″ wide and 8 feet long. I wanted 3 big frames, so I purchased three pieces (one piece of moulding per frame).
 Take your piece of crown moulding and measure a 45 degree angle at one end. I found it easiest to use a miter box saw, which you can find at Lowe’s for a couple of bucks. It definitely makes cutting your perfect angles a lot easier!
 After you make your first cut, decide how large you want your picture to be in the frame. I decided that I wanted my picture to be a 12×12″, so the INSIDE measurement of the frame is 12″. I made a mark where I needed to make my next 45 degree angle cut.
 Cut the other side- make sure that your angles are going in opposite directions!
Go back to your large piece of crown moulding and cut your next piece with 45 degree angles. You will have to cut a small triangle piece like this each time to make your 4 equal sides of the frame. Repeat the steps to cut all 4 pieces.
 Lay all your pieces together and make sure that they fit. Sand down the edges of each piece so that they are smooth and lay flush when pieced together with the other sides of the frame.
 Using wood glue, glue the ends together.
 To insure a seamless frame, I used tie downs to secure our frame in place while the wood glue dried. You could also use clamps.
Once the glue is completely dry (I let mine sit overnight), use L-shaped corner brace to reinforce your frame.
You will want to make sure that your screws for the corner braces are not longer than the depth of your frame (the first screws that we used went all the way through our frame! Oops!).
 Next comes the fun part- spray paint! I used Valspar Indigo Streamer (a blue color) and Golden Maize (a yellow color).
I ended up spraying each frame with 2 coats and it was more than enough.
I took some pictures of my kids and had them printed at Sam’s Club for less than $3 each.
To put them in the frames, I actually just glued each picture onto a large piece of cardboard that was cut a little bigger than the picture (the picture was 12×12″ and the cardboard was 13×13″). I then hot glued the cardboard to the back of the frame and we were good to go!
Each picture frame was about $20 to make . . . I made the three of them for about $60 total!
  I love the way that fill up my entire wall and add a pop of color to my room!
These frames would make a great Christmas gift if you have someone who is hard to shop for on your list this year! 🙂
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  1. I've been dying to make my own headboard!
    [email protected]
    • email is [email protected]
  2. I would like to repaint me dresser. It's the old brown color and it definitely needs updating! [email protected]
  3. I want to make a cute board that hangs on the wall, with clothespins glued on in a row. Then across the top, it says "Looking For My Sole Mate", and put socks missing their other half in the clothespins. My son is always losing socks, and I want a cute way to help us remember to look for them in the laundry.
  4. After seeing this project, I want to make my own Crown Molding Picture Frames! This has been added to my to-do list! Great job! ([email protected])
  5. i'd get the wood to make this toddler bed that I saw on pinterest for my little girl.
    email is [email protected]
  6. I would finish up the DIY projects that are in progress= a menu board that needs spray painting, a hutch tht needs some pantry organizing (meal plan storage and first in first out can system) and/or maybe some Christmas Lights since this is the first Christmas my sailor will be home and NOT deployed! YEA!!! (hoping i can get him to finish the projects)

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  7. I would love to put together some sensory discovery boxes for my baby and a light table and a table for sand/messy play for my toddler. [email protected]
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  8. I would love to make these frames! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing the instructions. You make it look so easy.
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  9. I would make my husband a shelf/bulletin board to hang his running metals & bibs on. [email protected]
  10. Very nice! I like how those frames turned out and it seems so easy and manageable to do!

    I'd like to DIY a wood paneled ceiling in our kitchen! Thanks for the opportunity.

    [email protected]
  11. I would like to fix our game room!

    [email protected]
  12. I would for sure make a framed magnetic board to attach scrabble pieces magnetically so we can have a continuous game of Scrabble going on ;)

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  13. oops, forgot to leave my email address; [email protected]

    Peace, and Happy Thanksgiving y'all
  14. I would make a collage of pic frames for my foyer/entryway going up the stairs of my kids as they've gotten older & our new little buddle of joy! [email protected]
  15. I have been wanting to make a beadboard shelf. [email protected]
  16. I want to create a chalkboard piece in my office for notes and reminders! [email protected]
  17. I want to make some wall shelves for my son's bedroom.

    [email protected]
  18. Pottery Barn knockoff black paint finish on a dresser.

    [email protected]
  19. I want to make a large chalkboard/memo board! [email protected]
  20. I'd really like to make a measuring spoons/cups holder to go on the inside of a cabinet door. Our apartment is super small so I'm trying to use all the hidden areas I can!

    [email protected]
  21. I would make a long bench for our kitchen table. It's been needed many times over the last few years!
    [email protected]
  22. We want to add some shelving and a gallery wall of pictures to our living room!

    [email protected]
  23. I would like to make bookshelves for my daughter's bedroom.
    [email protected]
  24. I've pinned an upholstered headboard idea and I would make that! [email protected]
  25. My son went to art school and gave me some of his art work. I would like to frame them. So that's what I would do with the gift card.
    [email protected]
  26. I would love to try these frames. What a great idea! [email protected]
  27. I would love to make a frame for the huge mirror over our mantel. It was left behind by the previous owner and it's nice but lacking a decent frame. [email protected]
  28. I've been wanting to make my own desktop accessories using gables that you get from Lowe's. I would glue them together to make letter and folder holders.

    [email protected]
  29. Your frames came out great! I love the colors! There are tons of DIY projects on my list right now, but the most important would be new steps for the back door. [[email protected]]
  30. Love your pictures frames--especially the colors! I want to make mudroom lockers (even though I don't have a mudroom).
  31. Connie Dionne
    I would make a personal handmade gift for my son's new wife. A distressed look frame with following wording. "Our Daughter-in-Love. Welcome to our family. 8-03-2013" Then put a black and white photo of her in her wedding dress in the frame and give it to her at our family Thanksgiving gathering.
  32. I plan to make an antique looking frame by working with crown moulding and trim. It will be used to hold my daughter's bridal photo for her wedding reception in November. I thank you for your instructions! I'm also going to paint and glaze...excited.
  33. I have some really large artwork created on wood pieces that I would like to frame. I too am attracted to the 3 and 4 in crown mound the pictures are multiple sizes but an example is 36 x 24. I have sever of them covering an entry wall none of which have frames. I want to stain the crown molding in different stain colors.

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