Ruffle Trim Binky Clip Tutorial (No Sewing Required!)

Pretty much from the second they are born, my kids are binky junkies. :)
We can’t leave the house without a binky, we can’t go down for a nap without a binky, and breaking my kids of the binky habit when they get a little bit older is incredibly hard!
However, when they are little, a binky is my best friend.
Unfortunately we lose a great deal of binkies when we are out and about because my kids also seem to see how far a binky will fly when they spit it out.
 My cute little boy at 8 months old
So now with my little girl getting ready to make her appearance into this world any day, I am getting smart about this whole binky thing! I am prepared with my own binky tether clip!
Bring on the spitting . . . this binky won’t go more than 8 inches!
I found my ribbon, ruffle trim, snap fastener kit, and clips all at Jo-Ann’s. They seriously had a huge selection of run trims that you could use for this project.
 Mine were about 10-12″ long. Just make sure you leave a little bit of extra material to work with for the snap and the clip.
These also make a great baby shower gift!
Happy crafting!
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  1. says

    So cute! I also use that rosette trim to make baby headbands, just hot glue it to soft roll elastic. You can buy it at Joann’s or on Etsy for $1.50/5 yards. Also I bought 25 passy clips for $11 on ebay that look like those ones. So if you need anymore I would check out ebay, they are really cheap! Congrats on your little girl, she will be stylin’ with this adorable passy clip! : )


  2. says

    Sweet paci clips! My girls are paci junkies, too. Your daughter will look very stylish with these! :)
    Hey, I also wanted to tell you that I found a cheaper way to buy those mitten/suspender clips at JoAnns. They sell ironing board cover fasteners in the aisle that has the other ironing supplies (here is the online link: and I cut the elastic off and they are the exact same thing as the suspender clips! It is 3.99 for eight of these clips! Much cheaper than the mitten/suspender clips which come in a pack of 2 for 2.99. Just a tip I learned from experience. :)

  3. says

    I love this. I made one for my son but put a loop in the to attack the soother because my first attempt at attaching a snap wasn’t the best. Also I have seen people use thin cord for the loop as well. The question is though do you have any ideas for boys. These are rather girly. When making mine I used two kinds of ribbon.

  4. jen says

    Very cute, but working in a child care center since my own “nest” emptied, I would caution you…this would not pass our safety regs. Eight inches is long, but my greater concern is the metal clip held on only by glue. Factory stitching would be no more reliable, but if you do a thorough job of hand stitching, the clip is less of a concern. My intent is not to be negative, but to caution against a tragic accident far worse than losing a binky. If you just shorten the length and stitch that clip on very well (it really isn’t difficult and the 5 or 10 minutes it would take are well worth your child’s safety.) you have an adorable and clever idea!

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