Papa Murphy’s Copy-Cat Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza with Creamy Garlic Sauce Recipe


Don’t get me wrong . . . I love meat! But there is just something about this pizza that is absolutely amazing. It is hands-down my favorite pizza but the only time I get to eat it is with my sisters because my husband refuses to even try it . . . he is definitely a “Meat-Lover” pizza kind of guy. So, after years of searching, I think that I have finally come up with the perfect copy-cat recipe that I can make at home to feed my cravings.
I have mentioned before that we have a family tradition of homemade pizza night and we let the kids make their own personal-sized pizzas with whatever toppings they want on it. When we do that, I usually make my own personal-sized vegetarian pizza, complete with a creamy garlic sauce. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!
It’s absolutely delicious . . . and the perfect way to use up those fresh vegetables that are available this time of year!

Papa Murphy’s CopyCat Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza with Creamy Garlic Sauce
-1 unbaked pizza crust (either homemade or store-bought- the homemade crust is what I used in the picture and it is amazing!)
-1 recipe Creamy Garlic Sauce (see recipe below)
-Fresh spinach
-Sliced zucchini
-Artichoke Hearts
-Minced Onions
-Grated Mozzarella Cheese
-Parmesan Cheese

Spread pizza crust in pan (I used a small 8″ cake pan for this recipe). Spread creamy garlic sauce on top of crust. Add fresh vegetables (and any other toppings you like), sprinkle cheeses on top, and bake according to crust directions.

Creamy Garlic Sauce Recipe
This sauce is amazing! I love to use it in place of regular tomato pizza sauce. This will make enough sauce for one very large pizza or about 3 personal-sized pizzas.

1 cup ranch dressing
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
1 Tablespoon Parmesan cheese
1 tsp garlic salt
Dash of minced green onions
Dash of Italian seasoning

Mix all ingredients together and use as desired.

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    • says

      We use Hidden Valley Ranch and I seriously feel like this recipe is the closest I have gotten to the real thing! I have been playing around with the recipe for a long time and feel like this is pretty dang close. :)

      • Mikaila says

        I’ll share a secret- Papa Murphy’s creamy garlic sauce is just ranch and garlic. I think it’s 2 2/3 cups of garlic to one gallon of ranch, so scale that down accordingly, but it really is that simple!

        • williegee says

          1 cup of ranch dressing plus 2.66 tablespoons of garlic was enough sauce for 2 pizzas. However, next time I’ll use a little less garlic and reduce the toppings (mom cheese) so the sauce can cook out a bit more. The pizza was delicious.

  1. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This our all time favorite pizza that we would get every Friday night. Of course lately it’s become a special treat cause of no money to spare so to finally have a recipe where I can recreate our favorite pizza… I’m jumping up and down!! Now if only my zucchini had grown this year!!

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! The sauce is great! We found the chopped garlic tasted too raw for our tastes, so I strained it out this week (did you catch that this is the second weekend in a row we made this)and boy was it ever the best sauce! Seriously, a major copy cat of the real thing. Next time I think I’ll just use garlic powder to add that needed garlic flavor. Thank you again for sharing!

  3. Kelly S. says

    So….just a hint. :) If you go to their store you can purchase just the toppings, sauce, etc and make your own pizza. My husband and I do this since we are gluten free and can’t eat their crust. We ADORE this pizza combo and now that we can make a killer gluten free crust at home we have the best of both worlds. It actually costs more for me to buy the ingredients individually at a grocery store than it does for me to stop by papa murpheys on the way home and buy the already prepped ingredients from them. :) OH and you can use the coupons for the pizzas towards the toppings. :)

    • Tonya says

      A lot of the Papa Murphy’s finally have Gluten Free crust! Of course they can’t prevent cross-contamination, so if you’re Celiac that might not work, but if you simply don’t eat wheat it’s great and I like the taste of the GF crust better than their regular crust!
      AND Thank You SO MUCH for posting this recipe. I got the GF Gourmet Veggie for Christmas dinner and my son LOVED IT!!!! It’s the most vegetables he’s ever eaten in one sitting! So I was looking for the recipe to use as a sauce over cooked vegetables to get him to eat them. Woo Hoo!

  4. Kelsey says

    Can I just say how delicious this pizza is?? This is our favorite Papa Murphy’s pizza, but I held off trying this recipe for a while because usually “copycat” recipes don’t taste much like the real thing. But… I am pleasantly surprised to say that this tastes just like the real thing!! And I like my homemade dough much better than Papa Murphy’s, so I am delighted to be able to make this myself! Thanks so much!!

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