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Easy Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

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I have been looking everywhere for a cute pillow to put on a chair in our nursery to add a pop of color.  The only problems are that I can’t find one I like or if I find a cute one it is so expensive!  I figured I would be better off by pulling out my dusty ol’ sewing machine and whipping one up myself.  I knew I wanted a pillow with a removable cover for all the baby spit up that will eventually be covering it!  I found an easy to follow tutorial at Texas Cottage Blog and went to work!

So here we go!
Step 1:  Measure your pillow.  Use a tape measure across the center and measure from seam to seam (or just look at the tag on the pillow stating the size).  My pillow is 16″ x 16″.
Step 2: Determine the amount of fabric to cut.  One measurement will be the length of the short side.  The other measurement is calculated by multiplying the length of the long side by 2 (for the front and back) and adding 4″ (for seam allowance and overlap).  Example: I cut my fabric 16″ by (16″ x 2 + 4″) or 16″x 36″.  If you are using a square pillow, here are some quick measurements for you to cut your fabric: 16″ pillow: Cut the fabric 16″ x 36″; 17″ pillow: Cut the fabric 17″ x 38″; 18″ pillow: Cut the fabric 18″ x 40″.
Step 3: Hem the two short sides.  Lay the fabric right side down with a short side towards you.  For my pillow this was the 16″ sides.  Measure and iron a 1/4″ hem on both sides.  Fold each side over another 1/4″ (to hide any unfinished edges), iron them flat, pin and sew both hems.
Step 4: Sew the side two seams.  Now lay the fabric with the right side up with the long side towards you.  Fold one side with the 1/4″ hem over a little more than half-way.  Fold the other side over so it overlaps the first side.  I folded one side of mine 6 1/2 inches and the other 9 1/2 inches and had a 3 inch overlap (6.5″ + 9.5″=16″).  Make sure your fabric measures from fold to fold the same as your pillow.  Pin each side seam, and sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance.  Trim the seam allowance at each corner.

Step 5: Turn each side right side out and put pillow inside.

You’re done!  Enjoy your fun, new pillow!

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  1. says

    I am bookmarking this! My couch pillows are gross, but I can’t seem to find any pillows with removeable covers any more! I HAVE to be able to wash them; three dogs and dry clean only do not mix!

    I’ve got my weekend project, for sure!