JJ Cole Newport Car Seat and Broadway Stroller Giveaway

We are so excited to announce this giveaway from JJ Cole Collections!
JJ Cole products are designed to fit the busy lifestyle of today’s parent. The innovation and lifestyle behind JJ Cole was inspired by young parents over 14 years ago. Since that time, they have continued to create and design products with parents in mind – products that will make today simpler and tomorrow more memorable. They understand how challenging parenting can be, but also know how rewarding and satisfying it is to be called mom and dad. JJ Cole strives to portray the enthusiasm they experience within our own families into the design of their products.
We have been huge fans of JJ Cole for a long time!  All of the sisters with kids can’t get enough of their products.  Our nurseries and kids are always decked out with all the JJ Cole gear we can get our hands on!  If you have kids, you will fall head over heels for all their amazing products!
If you aren’t familiar with JJ Cole, don’t worry, you will LOVE all of their products!
Here are some of our favorites:
JJ Cole found out that the three oldest sisters were pregnant and sent us all a Broadway Stroller AND a Newport Car Seat to tote our new little ones around in style!
(Kristen, Elyse, Camille) 
We were ecstatic because we absolutely adore every single JJ Cole product we have ever used!  All of their products are tested to make sure they meet the highest standards in the industry and go through additional safety regulation tests.  All of their products are also under warranty, so you are sure to receive a high quality product.
My little man, Parker, joined us 3 weeks ago so I was the first sister to get to try out all my awesome JJ Cole gear!  The stroller and travel system I used for my first baby was pretty basic.  I was just looking for a good deal and ended up having to buy a new one because it was so cheap.  As soon as I opened my Broadway Stroller and Newport Car Seat, I knew they were both extremely sturdy and would last a long time.  They were so easy to put together that I didn’t even have to wait for my husband to get home!  When he saw the stroller, he said it was the “Cadillac of strollers.”  He is usually quite picky about baby gear because it looks “too girly.”  Whenever we take our Broadway Stroller anywhere, he insists on pushing it because he loves it (especially that the handle bar is adjustable so it works for people of all different heights)!
Every single time I have taken my Broadway Stroller and Newport Car Seat out somewhere, people stop me and ask me where I got it.  It is so stylish and functional!  With full 360 degree spin, adjustable handle height and multiple positions for your child, the Broadway is fully customizable to fit anyone’s needs.  You can also easily switch styles with six additional color swap canopies for your stroller!
One of our favorite features is that the Newport Car Seat can hook directly into the stroller frame.  It makes it so easy to transition from car to stroller!  The Newport Car Seat has easy-off pads for simple cleaning and make your baby nice and cozy.  It is padded so well that whenever we put our little one in there he falls right asleep!  The car seat also comes with a base so you can easily snap it in your car and hit the road!  The Newport Car Seat also has six different color canopies you can switch out for a different look.
If you are in the market for a stroller and car seat, you can’t go wrong with the Broadway Stroller and Newport Car Seat!  They are both high quality, functional and stylish!
JJ Cole has offered to give a Broadway Stroller AND a Newport Car Seat to one of our lucky readers! 
 That is over $650 worth of amazing gear for your little one!
Here is how to enter:
1.  Visit JJ Cole Collections and leave a comment telling us what your favorite JJ Cole Product is!
2. Pin your favorite JJ Cole Producton Pinterest and leave a comment here to let us know what you pinned.
3. “Like” JJ Cole Collections on Facebookand leave a comment letting us know! 
4.  Follow JJ Cole on Twitter and leave a comment letting us know!
5. Pin your favorite Six Sisters’ Stuff post on Pinterest and leave a comment here to let us know what you pinned.
You can enter up to 5 times. 
Please leave a separate comment for each entry.
To be sure that you are contacted if you win, please leave you email address in the comment so that we can contact you.
Winner will be announced Friday, July 20th.
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  1. says

    My favorite JJ Cole product is The Broadway stroller! It is the chic-est stroller I’ve seen; it has modern functionality with a touch of old-fashioned baby carriage whimsy! I pinned the stroller on Pinterest, liked JJ Cole Collections on Facebook, and followed JJ Cole Collections on Twitter. I also pinned the 50 Man-Pleasing Meals post; it’s perfect for those times when you’re stumped on what to cook! Thanks for making such fabulous products, JJ Cole! Six Sisters, thank you for sharing so many wonderful things that help me be a better wife and mommy!

  2. says

    Holly Cow! Oh,how I like so many of these products, let me count the ways: through multiple comments hoping to WIN ! This is my 1st baby and she is due September 30th and I have searched for a car seat and stroller. In the process my eyes have crossed at so many options.
    The Broadway Stroller and Newport Car seat combo look amazing and stylish. One of my favorites so far!



  3. says

    I got their Norah bag for my twins, and LOVED it! It was big enough to lug everything I needed for two babies around, but not so large I couldn’t also carry the babies. The inside is water-proof, so all of the spills that occurred (many) were easily cleaned up. I still use it for my youngest, so it’s lasted in basically perfect condition for over two years now.

  4. says

    I pinned your Mini Oreo Cheesecake – seriously, the title alone is enough to make me begin to drool. Can’t wait to try it myself (if I can keep the baby birds – aka kids – from eating it all off my plate!). Thanks ladies!

  5. says

    I would love that stroller. We definitely couldnt afford one that nice. I liked them on facebook and I’m following them on twitter. I loved the recipe you posted about Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili. I cant wait to try it!!! I pinned JJ Cole’s newport carseat. Looks extra safe, i love it!!!

  6. says

    The product I pinned is the JJ Cole BundleMe. I have two different BundleMes and they have been my favorite baby gear accessories. We are in Pittsburgh where the weather can be quite cold. I use the BundleMes on our strollers, car seats, and even the baby swing. The kids love being so cozy and I love not having to worry about them being cold during our fall and winter walks.

    I’m a fan of JJ Cole on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. I pinned the Key Lime Pie fudge post on Pintrest.


  7. says

    I am newly pregnant with my first, so the only products I am familiar with have been from other children. So, I pinned the JJ Cole Bib Set. I used these with twin girls I babysat and loved how quick and easy they were to simply wipe down after a meal. No need for two dozen bibs that get dirty and stained at every meal.

  8. says

    I pinned the “grandparents” pins from your “Gift Ideas”, but there’s many of your pins I’ve either pinned or in the process of pinning or I will be pinning! Thank you for this opportunity for a chance to be the winner of this giveaway (knocking on wood)…Keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. says

    I am newly pregnant with my first child so I am not all that familiar with most of JJ Coles products other than word of mouth from other satisfied moms. I posted the Bib Set. I used these while babysitting twin girls a few years back and loved them. I loved how easy they were to wipe down after a meal, versus cloth bibs that get dirty and have to be washed after every meal.

  10. says

    I love the BundleMe’s from JJCole. I am pregnant with our first but I have so many friends that say they couldn’t survive a MN winter without them!! I plan on getting my hands on some (: The Broadway and Monroe stroller also look great!

  11. says

    My favorite JJ Cole product has deffinatly got to be the Broadway Stroller. I LOVE how it easily converts from bassinet mode to a toddler seat! That is so neat! I hate when strollers make your babies neck all crooked and slouched down. This one looks comfortable & styleish too! :D I love the umbrella on top to so the sun doesn’t bother my baby! I would love to have one of these for my baby!

    I just found your website & I love it! :D
    Totally added it to my favorites! <3