25 Olympic Snacks and Party Ideas

Happy Opening Ceremonies!!!! I can’t believe the Summer Olympics are here! I’m so excited to watch as many events as I can possibly squeeze in! These ideas are perfect whether you are just watching at home or you are throwing a party!
1. Olympic Fruit Bagels – Perfect for an early morning Olympic Breakfast!
2. Country Cusine by Oopsey Daisy – I love how they have different countries involved!
5. Edible Olympic Torches – This is the perfect snack while watching!!!
6. DIY Material Olympic Rings – Perfect decorations!
7. Olympic Party Food – Love all the tags!
8. Hold Your Own Olympic Games – So many game ideas that would work for kids and adults!
10. Olympic Pizza – Perfect Festive Food

11. Olympic Torch Cupcakes – This one was my daughters favorite! We will be making these later today!

12. Salt Dough Olympic Medals

13. Olympian Chocolate Cake

14. Olympic Party Candy Jars

15. Olympic Ring Cake Pops

16.  DIY Olympic Rings

17. Gold Medal Cookies

18. Olympic Rings Kid’s Craft – This one is perfect for kids of all ages!

19. Olympic Birthday Party – you have to check out this site! So creative!

20. Olympic Paper Torch – this is such an easy craft for the kids to do!

21. You must check out how she made these Olympic Torch Cupcakes

22. Olympic Doughnut Rings – Loving the sprinkles!

23. Go for the Gold Party Decor – I just loved all the Red, White and Blue!

24. Olympic Party Invites – A very creative way to invite your guests!

25. You have to check out these free Olympic Coloring Pages!

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